How CodeMiko became a successful VTuber?

Since the rise of virtual live broadcasting, virtual youtubers have involved various aspects, including live games, food, chat interaction, online talent shows, and so on. The VTuber community has grown steadily on Twitch, and creators like Pokimane even joined this direction with her own animated 3D models during the live broadcast. Among them, CodeMiko is the most famous, mainly for game live broadcasts. Currently, CodeMiko has more than 737,000 fans on Twitch, as follows:


CodeMiko began to be sought after by people at the end of 2020 and became popular. Then you may have thought, why is CodeMiko so popular?

After my analysis, the following three conditions have made VTuber more and more popular, so a well-known VTuber like CodeMiko has appeared.

Virtual avatar is getting richer and more personalized

In fact, we can watch several hours of streaming videos on Twitch or YouTube every day, but we still don’t know who or what the virtual avatar is.

In fact, this is a relatively new type of online entertainment. Everything we see behind it involves the use of complex equipment and various motion capture, facial capture and OBS streaming media software. Therefore, virtual avatar can achieve online interaction. Live.

Up to now, there are various VTubers all over the world. Some are just Live2D two-bit images instead of anchors, simple role replacement on the screen, and publishing on social platforms all kinds of videos and pictures that are completely close to the real role. Until now, the energetic virtual avatar hosts the live broadcast, and even it has become a person with a background story and a complex personality. VTuber is becoming more and more beautiful in appearance, and more and more human-like in character.

And CodeMiko belongs to the last category. It exudes style and personality, living in her own powerful virtual world. Virtual characters like CodeMiko have several advantages over traditional anchors. For example, just control a switch, CodeMiko can wear different costumes or summon various props out of thin air, and the performance is very natural. Being able to completely control the world around him creates endless entertainment opportunities.

In recent months, a series of issues have also put her into trouble, including accidentally leaking her email address during the live broadcast, which eventually led to a 30-day ban. Until recently, this ban was lifted, but during this downtime, people strongly protested her return. CodeMiko's unique form of entertainment has received a lot of attention, which shows that VTubing has not only become mainstream, but will soon become the norm in the streaming world.

Blur the boundaries of reality, link virtual and reality

As the anchor provides a more refined and higher-quality visual experience, and virtual characters promote the development and innovation of our favorite gameplay, and the game community has been associated with virtual characters. Therefore, VTubing is undoubtedly the best choice to participate in the development of game entertainment and integrate the reality with the virtual world. CodeMiko represents the next generation of digital entertainment, combining the relevance and personality of streaming media with the interactivity and infinite possibilities of the gaming environment.

The purpose of streaming media is to get the audience to participate more. Therefore, VTuber has made great progress in this respect. VTubing provides a new way to interact with potential fans and create an immersive experience for them. The technical staff behind CodeMiko once said that she is interested in creating a complete "game world" where fans can interact with Miko in real time in a 3D environment, which is no different from VR chat. Fans can accompany her on missions and even play bosses together.

We may be exploring a whole new world of digital entertainment, where you no longer just watch the anchor travel through your favorite games, instead, they will enter and take you for a truly interactive and immersive experience .

Best VTuber tool

After knowing the secret of CodeMiko's success, do you really want to jump into VTubing by yourself? Quickly create your own virtual avatar and use it for live streaming. Its prospects may sound confusing, but it is actually not as difficult to start as you think. Although insufficient technical skills prevent you from doing what Miko does automatically, the right equipment and VTuber tools can take you to the first step.

In addition, you need to prepare some hardware equipment to be used in conjunction with the software. The following is a list of some important things you need:

1.A high-definition webcam. (If it is a laptop, no preparation is required)
2.A microphone with good sound effects.
3.A virtual avatar. There are many places to buy 3D models online. Or use simple software to create one yourself, such as virtual reality.
4.Facial and motion capture software. VTube Studio is currently a popular choice.
5.Streaming media diversion software, such as OBS.
6.Choose a streaming platform that suits you, such as YouTube and Twitch.

Among them, the choice of motion capture software is a very important one. Live3D will be the necessary VTuber software tool for your first step. It has VTuber live broadcast tool VTuber Maker, and live broadcast resources (including characters, props, actions, accessories) editing tools. VTuber Editor can help you solve the first step problem very well, and the most important thing is that these are free.

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