FreeConferenceCall Avatar Maker

FreeConferenceCall Avatar Maker
Taking your FreeConferenceCall video or meeting to the next level

Over 1 million FreeConferenceCall users are using virtual avatar to video call
or meet with friends through FreeConferenceCall Avatar Maker.

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FreeConferenceCall Avatar Maker Feature

FreeConferenceCall Avatar Maker makes it so easy to communicate via 3d virtual avatar or quickly create FreeConferenceCall profile pictures of avatars

Rich 3D avatar for FreeConferenceCall

More than 40 various 3d avatars for FreeConferenceCall, and also support uploading unique VRM avatars made by VRoid Studio

the best FreeConferenceCall profile pictures maker

Through various poses of 3d avatar, dress up and generate interesting FreeConferenceCall profile pictures

Rich 3D action resources

Built-in a large number of dance, funny, speech and other actions to adapt to various FreeConferenceCall scenarios.

FreeConferenceCall wonderful content interpretation

Share pictures, videos, ppt through the whiteboard function, and combine face tracking and hand tracking to bring 3D virtual avatar to life


How to make a vritual avatar in FreeConferenceCall

In just 3 steps, you can play and interact with friends through FreeConferenceCall Avatar Maker

1. Install and open the virtual camera

Open FreeConferenceCall Avatar Maker (also called VTuber Maker), install and open the virtual camera inside the software

2. Link FreeConferenceCall Software Communications

Open the camera option of the FreeConferenceCall video and select VTuber Maker virtual camera

3. Start playing and sharing

Open FreeConferenceCall and greet your colleagues, friends or audience with your virtual avatar

Customize unique FreeConferenceCall avatars for yourself or your team

Not only can be used for 3D immersive communication, but also for the best FreeConferenceCall profile pictures.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have any other questions, please join our discord community.

FreeConferenceCall Avatar refers to the use of virtual avatars on the FreeConferenceCall platform to replace you and communicate face-to-face with other people. For example, in a meeting with a colleague, he sees your 3D virtual avatar instead of showing his real face.
FreeConferenceCall Avatar Maker provides a large number of virtual avatars, while allowing you to more easily and flexibly control the behavior of these virtual avatars.
After entering the FreeConferenceCall Avatar Maker software (also called VTuber Maker), select your 3D virtual avatar, and then take a photo with one click to generate a unique FreeConferenceCall Profile Picture
We provide vtuber model commission service where you can get your own Unique 3D FreeConferenceCall avatar.