Avatar Customization Service

Dedicated Customization Service

Per Character Avatar

Basic Importing & Tuning


Basic Tuning

Map expressions
Compatible converting
Tune Bone & Effect
Import avatar into Vtuber Maker

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Premium Importing & Tuning


Premium Tuning

Add Facial Channels
Add Bone & Shape Weights
Add Clothings Animation
Fine Tune Detailed Modeling

Map expressions
Compatible converting
Tune Bone & Effect
Import avatar into Vtuber Maker

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Several Customization Types

1) Basic Importing & tuning Service 

. Avatar format: fbx (recommended) , vrm
. Avatar bone weight is bound
. Expression channel: ARFace BlendShape
. Support Dynamic Bone

2) Premium Importing & Tuning Service

When one avatar built from barren modeling, without bound bones,
clothings, or expression. Therefore we have to scratch
building & tuning lots of modeling.

3) More Enterprise Service

When you have to design new characters,
or need more commercial cooperations.

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Customization Service FAQ

Don’t know about Avatar Customization Service? Explore some details below.
If you have any comments or further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

If you have the model of avatar, and your avatar meets all four conditions below:
· Avatar format: fbx (recommended) , vrm;
· Bone weight of avatar is bound;
· Expression channel: ARFace BlendShape;
· Support Dynamic Bone.
You can choose the basic importing & tuning service.
Otherwise, you should choose the premium importing & tuning service.
If you confirm the required service, we need you to submit information in the application:
① The selected type of Avatar Customization Service
② Email account and username in VTuber Maker
③ The avatar model you want to import
④ Original picture of the avatar
Send these information to our dialog box or email ( live3d@zingfront.com ) to apply.
After you submit your application, we will provide a payment link, and you need to pay for it as a deposit.
After receiving the deposit, our technical team will re-evaluate which plan is more suitable. If we have reviewed and confirmed that the service cannot be completed, the deposit will be refunded.
After you submit your application, we will do these:
· Model review
· Model tuning
· Model import
· Model acceptance
The entire cycle is expected to be completed within three working days.
If you don't have your own model, we will create one for you, and the price will be expensive, about $500 to $2,000.
This price is for importing one avatar. After importing the avatar, it can be used permanently without paying for anything until you want to import the next one.
Only Vtuber Maker.
Download address on Steam: VTuber Maker.