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Get at least 30% LIFETIME commission by promoting Live3D tools.
Used and loved by vtubers all around the world.

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How do I apply for higher commission?

Send an email to [email protected] with the subject "Apply for higher commission rate". The content of the email includes a short self-introduction, your high-quality content works. High-quality content includes but is not limited to the following types:

High-ranked articles of VTuber

Social accounts with big follows

Other things to prove excellent

Youtube videos with good views

VTuber live streamer

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Live3D affiliate program perks

More reasonable commission system, more professional data team, more efficient transformation speed.


You will get at least 30% commission from each payment made by a user who registers via your affiliate link.

No approval process

There is no approval for affiliate registrations so you can start promoting right away.

High and quick conversions

More than 80% of users who subscribed, decided to do so within the first 24 hours after registration.

More Intuitive data reporting

We have a special commission panel to let you know the current number of promotions & commission.

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It's super easy to start!

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  1. 1

    There is no approval process for registration. Once you sign up for our aff account, you can automatically enter the Commission area.

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    We have prepared highly engaging promo materials. You will find codes with your unique affiliate ID. Just share it and start earning.

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    Get at least 50 % from each full price payment made by a referred user who registers and then subscribes through the link with your unique affiliate ID. Once you reach the minimum threshold of $ 50, you can request the payout. Last month's Commission will be paid next month via PayPal.

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Take Note ⚠️ These Things are Not Allowed

If we find any of the following violations, your affiliate account will be banned immediately.

  1. 1
    Promote customers use illegal credit cards

    Using multiple credit cards for promotion commission

  2. 2
    Resell Live3D accounts purchased by yourself

    Resell the account purchased by yourself through the affiliate program and earn affiliate commission

  3. 3
    Withdraw money using illegal credit cards by affiliate

    If we find out that you use a high-risk credit card to withdraw cash, your account will be banned

Frequently Asked Questions

You will get at least 30% LIFETIME (recurring) commission from each full price payment made by a referred user who registers and then subscribes through the link with your unique affiliate ID.

Of course, you can also apply for a higher commission by sending an email.
Cookies are valid for 30 days, so the referred user needs to register the Live3D account within 30 days after clicking on the link with your affiliate link. If the user subscribes to one of the paid plans later, you will get the commission either way.

Keep in mind that if the user registers by using a link with someone else's affiliate link or without it and subscribes later by using your affiliate ID link, you will not earn the commission.
Last month's Commission will be paid next month via PayPal and the minimum payment is $50. You can request the payout upon reaching a minimum threshold of $50.

Keep in mind that we reserve the right to postpone the payout until at least two different users are referred to avoid self-referrals.
We have no special materials for promotion, because Live3D product is intuitively easy.
Please simply use text and url to promote.
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