VTuber Gallery : Anime Pose

Art Gallery focusing on anime poses

Strike a pose quickly with your own avatar to as cute anime pose reference, VTuber pose anime posters or illustrations.

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User Cases

With VTuber Gallery, you can better draw and create works.


The system provides various types of resources such as avatar, pose, 3D scene, etc. to make creation easier.

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We have prepared more than 30 models of various styles, simple nude models, men and women with realistic bodies, cute pets, Santa Claus, stickman, etc., and support custom uploading of VRM models.

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If you are experiencing difficulty making poses, take advantage of the poses provided by VTuber Gallery! Including frequently used poses, the app offers 40 poses from various popular themes such as Jojo Pose, Hero Pose, etc., and more anime poses will be updated regularly in the future.

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Provides a simple and easy-to-operate grid scene and a high-quality beautiful scenery scene, screenshots are blockbusters, and more types of 3D scenes are constantly being updated.

Feature Function

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According to your actual needs, you can generate the following four works:
1. Anime Pose Reference Drawing: Generate sketches or pictures for your VRM model poses, great for people who are drawing or learning to draw;
2. Pose Poster: Rich 2d/3d scenes and customization, quickly generate your own pose illustrations or pose posters
3. Dynamic Pose Reference Drawing: output sequence frames of complete animation (including sketches);
4. Pose Statues: You can make poses and display them in the art gallery.

Pose Editor

VTuber Gallery provides professional pose editing capabilities to help you strike a pose. Set skeletal motion through IK and FK, make the joint position and rotation of the avatar better, and make the anime pose of the avatar more realistic.

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VRM Models Support

In order to provide more powerful customization functions, VTuber Gallery supports custom uploading of VRM models to create your own work.
At the same time, it supports dynamic skeleton function to make your avatars more vivid.

Art Gallery

Want to create a virtual art gallery for your own avatar? VTuber Gallery helps you achieve it!
All your creations including anime pose reference drawing, pose poster, Pose Statue and more.
All can be displayed in the art gallery.

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About Us

VTuber Gallery : Anime Pose is not just a human body pose app, you can use it as anime pose reference, vtuber pose posters or illustrations.
It is very helpful for people who draw or are learning to draw.
At the same time, as an art gallery, it brings new gameplay for the art gallery collection.
Let's make a unique anime pose for your avatar!

Coming soon features

Rich expression adjustment;
Opening of props and accessories;
Continuous updates for more anime pose;
Continuous updates for more scene resources.

Join Us

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have any other questions, please join our discord community.

You can strike the pose you want for the avatar through VTuber Gallery. It can generate pose posters, anime pose reference images (character shape sketches), dynamic anime pose reference images(including sketches) for poses, and images can be exported directly. Provide reference for the figure and action change process for those who are drawing and learning to draw.
If you have VRM models, just upload it to the [avatar] section of the VTuber Editor, and you can use it directly in the VTuber Gallery.
If you want to make a model of your own, you can use tools such as VRoid to make VRM models, or use the official model customization service.
The system provides a variety of popular poses such as jojo pose and hero pose, which can be quickly applied to your avatars. At the same time, a professional pose editor is provided to help you quickly create unique poses.
If you have any suggestions for pose resources, welcome to join the discord community to communicate.
1. People who draw or are learning to draw. Provide anime pose drawing references;
2. People who want to learn human posture. Provides more avatar poses;
3. Vtubers who want to pose their avatar for illustrations or pose poster.
1. Resource advantages: Provide a variety of popular anime pose resources such as jojo pose and hero pose; not only provide a variety of prefabricated avatars, but also support uploading VRM models by yourself; support 2D and 3D scenes, and have powerful custom scene editing capabilities.
2. Compared with software such as Easy Pose and ArtPose Pro, VTuber Gallery : Anime Pose has more professional pose editing capabilities and is ergonomically designed, allowing you to make natural poses more quickly.
3. Not only that, it also provides more new ways to play, you can create a virtual art gallery for your avatars.
And more new features are continuously updated.