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Support custom upload, both Windows and MacOS

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Shimeji Desktop Pets Gallery

We have integrated a lot of shimeji pets with the best shimeji artist: Cachomon.
Including Pokemon, Digimons, Doreamon shimeji, PSPSPSCats and other series,
it is still updating.

Shimeji Desktop Pets Gallery

Special Features of Shimeji App

Interface of shimeji desktop pet

Rich Shimeji Desktop Characters

A lot of Shimeji desktop pets are integrated inside DPET, each artwork is authorized by the artist. Just one click to summon them on desktop.

Smooth Desktop Pet Interaction

Shimeji can walk, run, and climb around walls on the desktop, and you can drag and drop pets with the mouse, or use tools to tease each shimeji desktop pet. Every way you like to play is here.

Shimeji pet animation
Stream mode of DPET

Stream Mode

Connecting your twitch account, each of your live stream viewers can generate a virtual pet avatar, they can play on your desktop, even use commands to control movement and action. They can also dance together to welcome new friends when they have new followers and subscribers.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Shimeji are little desktop pets that run around your computer screen, you can use the mouse to control shimeji at will, drag, drop and play with shimeji. They can even jump on your windows and do some interaction.
Shimeji browser extension is a google chrome extension that allow you to play with little shimejis while browsing the web. Choose your own favorite character that moves around and interacts with elements in the Google Chrome browser.
On, there are many artists who spontaneously upload their own artwork, and you can find your favorite shimeji characters there and download for free.
If you use shimeji-ee Desktop, you need to do very complicated setup to summon multiple shimeji. As for DPET, you can summon unlimit mutilple shimeji within only one click. We are dedicated to building a casual game with no learning.
Using the custom upload feature of DPET, you can upload your own shimeji to steam workshop and share your artwork creations with others. If you want to upload public shimeji on the Internet, then I recommend you to download some artist's works at deviantart and upload them to DPET with source link and make a copyright claim.
DPET is a desktop pet generation engine that can summon many virtual pets to decorate your desktop and create endless fun. For a streamer, DPET can also create virtual pet avatars for chatting viewers to promote their engagement and channel activity.
1.More shimeji are integrated into our product.
2.No need to configure Java8.
3.More ways to play shimejis
4.Supporting stream mode
5.Easy to summon mutil shimeji characters.
If you are a streamer, you can also connect your twitch account and randomly generate shimeji desktop pets for your active audience, making your audience more willing to send chats and expanding your stream influence. We also provide mini games and commands for your viewers.
Of course, it is totally for free.


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