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1. About Live3D

Live3D is a well-known brand tool in the field of virtual live broadcast. Its tools are divided into two products: VTuber Maker and VTuber Editor;
VTuber Maker is a tool to assist in live streaming, it mainly helps you output live streaming content. You can use the built-in virtual character model to create a live room, through the facial expression and motion capture function, to achieve the combination of virtual image and reality, and finally presented on the computer, push to major platforms such as twitch, YouTube, Zoom and so on.
VTuber Editor is a virtual live broadcast resource processing tool, it is mainly to help you edit the content resources of the live broadcast, including virtual characters, decorations, backgrounds, pendants and other resources. You can edit the model, upload the downloaded VRM model resource package to it, and even draw patterns and add decorations on the model to make them more beautiful. In addition, you can edit the action animation like building blocks, and make the model move through the shortcut key control.
Maker is an avatar live broadcast tool, and Editor is a resource editing tool. It mainly edits model resources for Maker. You can upload the VRM model resources yourself. You can upload the avatar yourself and make animation sequence frames for the image editing. Used in Maker.
Editor is an auxiliary empowerment to Maker, and it is also a supplement. The two complement each other and support each other, the resources are common, and they can also be used independently without affecting each other.

2.About Features

①You need to register an account on the official website (www.live3d.io) (please remember your password, if you forget your password, please reset your password, if your mailbox has not received the activation email, please contact us online, or at discord The community asks us for feedback: https://discord.gg/CaxThpY)
②Search "VTuber" on Steam, install VTuber Maker and VTuber Editor (please ensure that the network status is normal)
③Start Maker and log in to your account registered on the website; or you can also start Editor, upload your own model resources or use our free model resources.
④Using Maker or Editor, you will find it very interesting!
Happy to use! Remember to give us five-star praise on Steam!
Sorry, we are adapting based on steam. If you don’t have Steam, the software will not start and run. The most important thing is that we will always optimize and iterate new features. You can’t experience our latest version. Steam can help. We know the latest version of the software in real time, which is the latest version we experience.
Therefore, you still need to download a steam, which is very convenient.

3.About Account & Billing

Here're 2 ways to change your password.
1.Enter your email address at https://live3d.io/user/forgot and click on "Send verification mail", then follow the steps in the Password Reset Request On Live3D email you receive.
2.Click on the username at the top right and go to Profile, then click on "Change Password". Remember to submit all your changes.
At present, we do not support voluntary deletion or cancellation of account information. If you need to delete your account, you can find our official staff online to communicate, or join our discord to give feedback to the official team. If you do not reply to you in the first time, you can directly leave the registered email account and explain your purpose.
For monthly subscriptions, Live3D accepts payment via credit cards and Alipay.
Please kindly check our refund policy. https://live3d.io/refund.
Yes, you can cancel your subscription whenever you'd like and continue to use Live3D for the remainder of your billing cycle. We will not charge after the expiry date.
To cancel your subscription, please confirm your purchase method:
1. Officially purchased through Live3D
Simply log into your account on this website, and go to My Plan after clicking the username in the top right corner, click on “cancel the subscription
2. Purchase via Steam
Log in to your steam, click your username in the upper right corner to enter Account details, click Manage subscriptions to enter the subscription list, and select the VTuber Maker to cancel.

No need to call, email, or talk to anyone!
After cancellation, please do recheck your account status and ensure there is no upcoming payment.
We only offer digital invoices. You can click on the username in the top right corner – Profile – Invoice, to check/download your invoices.
Sorry, you cannot update your card information directly. If you insist on doing so, you can cancel your current subscription first, then resubscribe it with updated card info.

If you have some other questions, Please contact us

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