VTuber Maker

Just with a webcam, you can be a VTuber! 

It brings VTuber avatar to life, and takes your streaming to the next level.

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VTuber Maker User Livestream Cases

Come and see the funny creativity of all VTuber Creators in our product.

vtuber maker user case
vtuber maker user case
vtuber maker user case
vtuber maker user case

VTuber Maker Features

Stable and Smooth VTuber Face Tracking

With just one web camera, you can enjoy stable, high-precision face and head tracking technology.

vtuber maker face tracking
vtuber maker hand tracking

Hand Tracking but no Leap motion?

Want to use hand tracking but don't have Leap motion? Don't worry, VTuber Maker provides you with hand tracking feature using only a webcam, saving you a big fortune.

Live Stream & Virtual Camera

Through the obs virtual camera powered by VTuber Maker combined with the obs streaming tool, the content of VTuber is presented to the audience in real time. Of course, you can also use green screen capture or transparency capture. It is easy to use for streamers.

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Paint & Props & Behavior & Effects

Editing Paint, props, behavior props, effects to make avatar fun, while interacting with viewers through our twitch extension to trigger these effects elements

Customize VTuber Animations

You can create vtuber animation easily by VTuber Maker. Using our vtuber extension, your viewers can trigger a vtuber dance moves or animation using bits.

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Rich VTuber Background Rooms

Provides various VTuber background rooms to meet your every needs, and one click change to green screen or pure color screen.
You can even upload your own images

VTuber Maker is focusing on VTuber creator services, professional virtual presentation

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White Board

Share screens by window capture
Share content by importing your files, such as PowerPoint, Keynote, video or PDF.
Put them all together on a whiteboard

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Displaying multiple avatars on the same stage by adding NPC.
And control action whether to track together.

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8 special effects to suit various scenarios and avatar live needs

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Rich 3D animation library, allowing you to trigger avatar animation effects quickly and interestingly

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Bone Dynamics

Through bone dynamics, both public
and private models can be flexible
and vivid

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4 idle state, suitable for various
scenarios, so you don't have to add
any action avatar is still not boring

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About VTuber Maker

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

You can use vtuber maker to do these things

1. Enjoy the unique high-precision full-body motion capture technology
2. Upload your own 3D vtuber avatar to make live or video content
3. Use fancy vtuber backgrounds or props to make your vtuber content unique
4. Use virtual avatars in online meetings to impress your colleagues, friends or family
No, you cannot directly make a 3D model with VTuber Maker. If you want to make your own avatar, I suggest you use VRoid Studio to create a 3D vrm model, then use it in VTuber Maker.

You can also choose to use some premade 3D avatars in VTuber Maker as your personal avatar. These models integrated in VTuber Maker have been credited by their 3D artists, so you don't have to worry about commercial copyright issues.
Yes, we support uploading vtuber models in .vrm format. You can upload your vrm model in vtuber editor and edit it, then you can use it in vtuber maker.

If you want to learn more about how to do this, you can refer to this vtuber model upload tutorial.
No. VTuber Maker is a 3D vtuber software, we only support uploading 3D models in vrm format. Live2D models cannot be used in VTuber Maker.
VTuber Maker not only has fast, high quality face tracking, but also has the ability to track body tracking and hand tracking.

Through this tracking, you can make the avatar follow your body movements.
For example, regarding face tracking, you can make the VTuber avatar's expression match yours.

Do you feel that the avatar is brought to life ? Come and experience it.
For users who experience our software for free, we provide some free resources including avatars and backgrounds. You can use them, and then live stream through green screen capture or transparent capture.

Another free way to start streaming is using a virtual camera, you can perform live streaming a few easy steps.
VTuber Maker is a subscription software that offers several packages including free. The free package includes all the basic vtuber functions, and you can use the basic free functions to become a vtuber totally enough.

About VTuber Maker Avatar

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

Yes, VTuber Maker provide more than 50 premade vtuber avatars for everyone, some are free, some avatars need pay to use.
You don't have to worry about copyright issues at all, you can use all the pre-made models provided by vtuber maker freely.
Yes. VTuber Maker has 6 vtuber avatars to free use.
More than 50, it is still updating to bring more.
We basically maintain the frequency of updating every 2 weeks.
At present, our main service target is our subscribers, and we will also update dynamically based on the popular VTuber content in the market, so that your VTuber content can stay at the forefront of the market.