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Make more personalized and vivid live streaming

VTuber Maker gives you more space to create, enjoy more functions
and customized services to meet your diverse needs

Feature Function


In addition to the facial、body、hands capture, 
we also provide professional
audio based lipsync to make your 
avatar live more flexible

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Push Stream

By VTuber Maker to edit live content
and then push it out with OBS software,
sharing the content to the audience

Paint & Props & Behavior

Editing Paint、props、behavior props
make the live stream more lively ,
and more items will be released later

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Diversity Senario

Provides various rooms to meet every needs,
and one click change to green screen
and pure color,
even can upload personal image,
you get what you want

Basic Function

Live3D is focusing on VTuber and VUP services,
professional virtual  presentation 

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White Board

Share screens and import your files
PowerPoint, Keynote, video or PDF.
Put them all together on a whiteboard

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NPCs need to be used with Avatars.
You can adjust the action and display
form of the selected NPC

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8 special effects to suit various 
scenarios and avatar live needs

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Prefabricated 6 popular quick actions
and flows, let you quickly trigger the
avatar animation effect

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Bone Dynamics

Through bone dynamics, both public
and private models can be flexible
and vivid

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4 idle state, suitable for various
scenarios, so you don't have to add
any action avatar is still not boring

Now, We Support Avatar Customization Service, Click To View!

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