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Motion Tracking

Cosplay a cool character, broadcast to your friends and audiences by webchat.

Audio Base Lipsync

Real-time voice processing, character's mouth speaks instantly when you speak.

Cute Avatar

Two avatars for one character, in addition to the normal one, you can also choose the other cute avatar.


2 Tools of VTuber Suite

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VTuber Maker [Free]

Just simply control your avatar
to become a different virtual YouTuber.
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Create flexible expressions and behaviors.
Editor for professionals

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At the beginning of December, I learned about Live3D through a friend‘s introduction. Because of that, I was able to realize the dream of being a virtual actor. After four months, I used Live3D for 377 hours to connect with virtual avatar and fans for 16 games. I got 6000+ fans by 13 games and 18 videos through Live3D.

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I recommend a software "Live3D" that I usually use to make the virtual YouTuber video.The software can use the camera to capture the face of the character, or use the Noitom motion capture device to control the character. If you don‘t have a webcam, don‘t worry, this software can also control the character by a keyboard. The expressions and movements are really easy to use. 

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@ Acharya

Live3D is an excellent software, it is convenient for users to use their own Characters for the virtual live broadcast. From 1.0 to 3.0, the UI has undergone several major revisions. It can be said that each time Live3D is rewritten, so dedicated engineers and software teams deserve our respect! I hope Live3D is getting better and better! 

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There Is another legacy software, Live3D Pro,
only for existed legacy users.
Download Live3D Pro on Steam