September 09, 2021

[FAQ] VTuber Questions and Answers – September 2021 Update

live3D is a well-known brand tool in the virtual live broadcast field. Its tools are divided into two products: VTuber Maker and VTuber Editor;
September 06, 2021

How to become a virtual youtuber?

On November 29, 2016, Kizuna AI released a video on YouTube for the first time. The virtual idol (Virtual Idol), which was generated and activated with facial and motion capture technology, was born.
September 06, 2021

VTuber Avatar Maker FREE Online Tool,VseeFace or VTuber Maker?

If you are planning to become a VTuber Avatar maker, now is the best time, because I have two applications that I need to introduce to you, one is called VC face and the other is called VTuber maker.
August 24, 2021

Virtual YouTuber App News,This Feature Can Bring You Millions of Fans!

As we all know, VTuber is a live content tool under Live3D. It is also a well-known live broadcast service provider around the world. Since its release on steam in August 2020, the official team has been constantly updating new software for global users. Provide the most interesting gameplay.
August 24, 2021

Stream Avatar: Millions of VTubers Are Steaming on Twitch

When you are playing games, use real-time avatars to increase the fun of the game. Steam avatar will capture your facial expressions and hand movements in real time to express your game emotions.
August 17, 2021

Virtual Cast best alternatives

VirtualCast is a VR real-time service tool that turns your wishes into reality, helping you become a virtual character and live broadcast. VirtualCast can easily transform you into a virtual character in the virtual world, and to achieve this effect, you only need a VR headset and a compatible PC device. And you can choose to use pre-installed model characters from the software, or upload your own model.
August 12, 2021

Compared with VTube studio, what are the advantages of VTuber Studio?

As a virtual youtuber, we have to know that well-known software such as VTuber software exists. VTube studio and VTuber Studio are more well-known by VTuber. You are not mistaken, these are two different software, although they only differ by one letter.
August 09, 2021

Recommendation Vtuber software for VTubers with more than 500,000 fans!

Before introducing VTuber or VUP Software, I have to introduce the key profession of virtual anchor. The virtual anchor covers all aspects of life, including games, food, singing, online courses and so on.
August 09, 2021

Official definitive guides of VTuber Editor: How to use Flow?

VTuber Editor is a new vtuber software tool for Vup to edit animation event and avatar. Flow, is an avatar animation event flow composed of Blocky. The user first selects a trigger event, and builds a set of animation flow by Blocky, and then puts the animation flow into the event, which is combined into an event to trigger the animation flow. Using flow, we can build animations for avatars, so that our VTuber avatar is no longer limited to shaking heads and waving hands.
August 09, 2021

¿No tiene herramientas para la transmisión virtual en vivo? ¿Elegir VTube Studio y VTuber Maker?

¿Quizás mucha gente no sabe lo que significa VTuber o VUP? Como sugiere el nombre, su explicación completa es la siguiente: