July 27, 2021

Who is KIzuna AI?

Kizuna AI (キズナアイ) is a virtual YouTube on youtube, claiming to be the first virtual YouTube in the world, and the YouTube channel is called a.i.channel. The character image is designed by moricangyuan, and the 3D model is made by TDA.
July 26, 2021

Facerig VS VTuber Maker: Which One Is Better

Facerig is a veteran avatar simulation tool that has survived in the virtual live broadcast industry for many years. Now, this old friend ushered in a new friend—VTuber Maker, a completely free avatar simulation tool. So, let’s compare these two tools and compare their features.
July 26, 2021

VTube Studio Vs VTuber Maker

Maybe many people don’t know what VTuber or VUP means? As the name suggests, its complete explanation is as follows:
July 26, 2021

¿Cuál prefieren VMagicMirror y VTuber Maker?

Para convertirse en un VTuber exitoso, además del talento para la actuación y una personalidad muy distintiva, o si tiene una investigación profunda en un campo determinado, también necesita una herramienta VTuber profesional.
July 26, 2021

VMagicMirror Vs VTuber Maker

To become a successful VTuber, in addition to the talent for acting and a very distinctive personality, or you have a deep research in a certain field, you also need a professional VTuber Tool.
July 26, 2021

VTuber Editor — How To Use Flow

VTuber Editor is a new vtuber software tool for Vup to edit animation event and avatar. Flow, is an avatar animation event flow composed of Blocky. The user first selects a trigger event, and builds a set of animation flow by Blocky, and then puts the animation flow into the event, which is combined into an event to trigger the animation flow. Using flow, we can build animations for avatars, so that our VTuber avatar is no longer limited to shaking heads and waving hands.
July 26, 2021

The Most Popular VTuber or VUP Software

Before introducing VTuber or VUP Software, I have to introduce the key profession of virtual anchor. The virtual anchor covers all aspects of life, including games, food, singing, online courses and so on.
July 26, 2021

VUP VS VTuber Maker: Which One is Better?

VTuber Maker and Vup, these two character simulation tools are very popular products for VTubers. So, let's analyze these two products and see which one can really touch our hearts.
July 26, 2021

¿Cuál elegirías entre VTube Studio y VTuber Maker?

¿Quizás mucha gente no sabe lo que significa VTuber o VUP? Como sugiere el nombre, su explicación completa es la siguiente:
July 26, 2021

How CodeMiko became a successful VTuber ?

Since the rise of virtual live broadcasting, virtual youtubers have involved various aspects, including live games, food, chat interaction, online talent shows, and so on. The VTuber community has grown steadily on Twitch, and creators like Pokimane even joined this direction with her own animated 3D models during the live broadcast. Among them, CodeMiko is the most famous, mainly for game live broadcasts. Currently, CodeMiko has more than 737,000 fans on Twitch, as follows: