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Based on facial capture technology, Live3D live broadcast function can‘t only realize your eyes, eyebrows and mouth expression , but also convert the dynamic capture data into visual actions in real time, and realize the interactive effect of live broadcast combining reality with reality easily.



3D model-based cartoon editing module, you do not need to hand-painted board, do not need to draw the foundation, or even do any preparation, by adjusting the model pose, add text bubble box, picture special effects operation, the combination of a cartoon. The goal is to make fun for everyone in making a cartoon.



Based on the given basic model of Live3D, a brand new exclusive model is designed by Customizing face details, body shape, and changing clothes then combining for a new model

3D Technologe

Real-time capture technology

Just need a computer camera to make the virtual characters move Synchronize the avatar‘s lip motion to the voice to achieve the effect of the character‘s natural interpretation of the content. Supports Novo‘s additional motion capture equipment to achieve low-cost and high-precision virtual reality motion tracking.


Multidimensional personalization

Easily change, reshape and change your IP. Support for custom 3D scenes and support free upload of image backgrounds. Not only provides rich expressions, but also supports free editing and setting expressions.


Rich cloud resources

The 500+3D character model covers the second element, the next generation, cartoon, robot, 100+3D scene model covering Japanese streetscape, castle, factory, 500+ action covering mobile, dance, life and so on.


Happy Customers

In November 2018, I became an anchor. For me who is introverted, the biggest problem with live broadcast is that I don‘t want to open the camera, so the virtual anchor becomes my choice.
At the beginning of December 2018, I learned about Live3D through a friend‘s introduction. Because of that, I was able to realize the dream of the virtual anchor. After four months, I used Live3D for 377 hours to connect with virtual anchors and fans for 16 games. I got 6000+ fans by 13 games and 18 videos through Live3D.


I recommend a software "Live3D" that I usually use to make the virtual anchor video.
The software can use the camera to capture the face of the character, or you can use the Noitom motion capture device to control the character. If you don‘t have a camera or motion capture device, don‘t worry, this software can also control the character by clicking the keyboard. The expressions and movements are really easy to use.


Live3D is an excellent software, it is convenient for users to use their own Characters for the virtual live broadcast. To be a Vtuber, without expensive funds and complex technology, The Live3D development team is very close to consumers, They listen the user‘s opinions in community meanwhile make improvements every day. And guide the user to install Live3D and convert the model patiently. From 1.0 to 3.0, the UI has undergone several major revisions. It can be said that each time Live3D is rewritten, so dedicated engineers and software teams deserve our respect! I hope Live3D is getting better and better!


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