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Live3D is #1 VTuber Software Suite, dedicated to building amazing platform for VTubers.

It has published two software, VTuber Maker and VTuber Editor, and served almost 1 million of Virtual YouTubers worldwide.

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What do for VTubing software?

The Most Advanced 3D VTubing Software

Just with a webcam, you can become a virtual Youtuber and vtube with your vtuber fans.

VTuber Avatar and Virtual Customization

No need to show your face, just use a webcam to enable your live talent and keep your privacy. More importantly, we provide a great number of 3D vtuber avatars and 3D assets, and support customization and painting, so that your virtual live broadcast journey is creative and fun, not stereotyped or boring ~

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Presentation with Virtual VTuber Avatar and Effects

Whether you are a teacher, a student, or a host, you can hold meeting, sings or lectures remotely through vtuber avatar or vtuber creators. With your virtual avatar and built-in assets, you can share to your meeting or audience when importing resources such as PDF, PPT, pictures, and videos.

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Realtime Capture, Flexible Control and 3D Animation Creation,

With your own tuned 3D vtuber avatar, turning on face capture or Leap motion capture, you can easily record 3D videos or live show in real time, or use blockly flow to create beautiful and interesting videos with built-in 3D vtuber avatar models and visual effect assets. With powerful features on vtuber editor, you could easily become a amazing vtuber creator !
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Learn About Features of Live3D

Using our 3d software to join thousands of satisfied VTuber Creators.

Real time vtubing

Real time facial motion capture, real time motion capture and Leap motion, real time lip sync, and real time video show for vtuber creators.

Rich vtubing resources

High-precision 3D vtuber avatar, vtuber models, rich 2D/3D scenes, diverse action, effects, and prop resources, etc. Vtuber creators could combine these to create amazing vtubing show.

Low cost vtubing

For personal virtual creators, you can use vtuber software suite for FREE. The functions and resources are all easy to use for vtubers, with just one computer and a virtual camera.

Become a VIP to unlock more customized services.

Customize avatar, animation or effects? VTuber Editor for you!

What scenarios can Live3D be used in?

Happy Customers

Join thousands of satisfied customers using our template globally.

It's very easy to use, and an excellent way to try out Vtubing! The free avatars are quite varied, and they're all unique in their own ways ♥ There are even shortcut keys for simple things like waving, thumbs-up, frowning, etc!

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VTuber Maker - Excellent webcam content creation software.
In the program, you can create your character, but you will need to download an additional character editor. Or use the suggested character.
The character will repeat facial expressions and movements. you can also replace the background. You only need a webcam to use it.
I recommend to use.

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This software is really good for tracking your face and, if you have the equipment, hands. It's really easy to figure out how it works, with uploading your own models using Vtuber Editor it makes the tracking software (Vtuber Maker) very slim and user friendly And if you need help with anything you can ask for help from anyone who use the software.

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Need help with Live3D? Want to communicate with more Virtual YouTubers? Welcome to our vtuber creator community.

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Why is Live3D the best virtual software?

Where is the advantage of live3d, now I will answer it for you!

The essence of the work of virtual youtubers is to use people to perform interpretations, and then present them on the streaming media platform through vtuber avatar, based on real-time capture technology. As you know, VTuber Maker is a very useful vtuber software under the LIve3D brand. Through accurate facial capture and motion capture, you can experience the ultimate combination of virtual and reality.
Vtuber creator is also called vtuber avatar maker. The accurate explanation should be vtuber model creator. It can help us make vtuber avatar, provided that you learn 3D modeling knowledge. The more excellent software includes Blender, VRstudio, Maya, etc.
It supports accurate facial capture and LeapMotion motion capture. On the real-time capture technology, your vtuber avatar can interpret and perform like a real person. Also ,it can apply to game living, talent shows, virtual presentations, etc. If you need to use full body motion capture, please contact us, and we could provide you with a complete solution for vtuber creators.
For different vtuber creator or vtuber model creators, VTuber Editor has a variety of public vtuber avatar, various indoor and outdoor static and dynamic backgrounds, constantly updated small elements, icon stickers, decorations, and expressions. You could combine these assets and personalize your avatar, animation, and scene.
Very simple, you need to use some softwares for vtuber avatar maker or vtuber model creator.
Of course, you must first have your own 3d vtuber avatar, then you can import your own model resources through VTuber Editor and use it in VTuber Maker.
If you don't have 3d model resources, you can use the free 3d characters published on VTuber Maker. If you want to customize a 3d character, we support 3d model customization service and will design your own virtual YouTuber according to your requirements.
For vtuber model creator, we provide various types of virtual YouTubers to choose , without having to spend money to make 3D vtuber avatar. In addition, support for custom uploading of 3d models, support for adding decorations to virtual avatar, and use the brush tool to graffiti the characters;
Are the characters' movements dull and dull? We provide rich quick-actions. If these actions cannot meet your needs, you can also make your favorite action animations in VTuber Editor, which will automatically be used in VTuber Maker for vtuber creators in real time.
In addition, to make your live broadcast room richer, we provide great backgrounds and small Widget elements. You can dress up at will according to your live broadcast content and experience the fun of DIY.
Virtual presentation is one of the special features of VTuber Maker. If you need to share your content online, for VTuber avatar maker it supports importing PowerPoint, pictures, videos, PDFs and other files and presenting them in the eyes of your audience.
It is suitable for online education, online meeting sharing and other live broadcast scenarios to make your work more efficient.
Maintain a two-week iteration of a major version, and an optimization update of a small version a week. In addition, we update the built-in resources from time to time, including vtuber avatar, scenes, widgets and decorations. We have been working hard with lots of vtuber avatar makers and vtuber creators to make your live broadcast room more lively and interesting.
Live3D official service channels are very responsible, 24 hours online answering questions, the first time to help users solve usage problems. The channels for seeking help include discord community, reddit community, steam community, email support, and QQ support!
We have focused on improving product experience as the core, for two reasons.
The first is to improve vtuber software performance. On top of the technical architecture, the use and editing separated, and the proportion of local computer memory resources is greatly reduced. The live broadcast resources edit in VTuber Editor and the live broadcast effects display in VTuber Maker for varied vtuber avatar makers. We hope to provide you with simple and easy-to-use lightweight software;
Second, take the sandbox ecological software layout, so that players can create and play in our software for vtuber creators, and build a software ecosystem service circle around the virtual image.
Compared with Facerig, Live3D is the specialized brand with vtuber software suite that integrates virtual live broadcast, virtual presentation, and virtual resource editing into an ecosystem. It has published two software, VTuber Maker and VTuber Editor, and served almost one million of Virtual YouTubers worldwide. Giving users more space for operation, while Facerig is inclined to be an online virtual avatars animation software, which exists in the direction of serving users difference;
Secondly, VTuber Maker provides high-precision, high-sensitivity facial capture, bringing users a real-time virtual and real combined experience.

The biggest difference with Vtube studio is that Vtube studio only supports 2d (Live2D) scene applications, while Live3D serves multi-dimensional application scenes (Live2D/Live3D); in addition, Live3D will supplement more system resources and develop more interesting functions.

Comparing the two vtuber apps, Live3D has more elegant and much simpler design and methodology, has a better technology & creative experience with a much cheaper cost. Especially for personal user, it is free to use !

With our solid engineer team and our professional art team, Live3D is definitely the best technology and choice for virtual vtubers, avatars, creators, studios, and enterprises.

Application platform

You can use our VTuber software on platforms.

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