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Twitch Overlays + VRM Models

Available on all live streaming platforms like Twitch, Youtube, including Twitch chat overlays, Twitch alerts, Twitch Starting Soon screen, etc. Personalized design makes your live room more unique.


Can be used as twitch sub badges, twitch bits badges, twitch emote badges, etc., Give your subscribers a stunning visual experience.

Get More Streaming Elements, For Your Channel.

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VTuber Avatar

Featured Cases

The most professional VTuber avatar maker team creates the most unique avatars for vtubers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t know about our service? Explore some details below.
If you have any comments or further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Live3D stream studio is committed to creating a creative and unique live room for VTubers, providing you with twitch overlays, badges, panels and other live room theme elements, as well as 3d VRM models, 3d accessories and other resources, one-stop solution for all resource problems for you.

Not only that, according to the different preferences of VTubers, we also provide customized services, whether it is 2D or 3D, we will provide you with solutions that satisfy you.
You can use the purchased resources to decorate on any live broadcast platform such as twitch, youtube, etc.
Or assist in creation and promotion on social platforms such as TikTok, Reddit, Twitter, etc.

1. Uploading Sub Badges on Twitch:
2. Uploading Bit Badges & Emotes on Twitch:
The Live3D team has professional artists, and we provide customization functions for all the resources used in your live broadcast. Including but not limited to all art resources in the live room: twitch overlays, twitch emotes, twitch alerts, twitch panels, twitch sub badges, etc., and also provides customization services for 3D resources such as 3D VRM models, 3d VRM model accessories, etc.
We are very welcome to cooperate with all artists. Interested artists can send cooperation intention emails to our mailbox:, or choose discord and other contact methods that are convenient for you to get in touch with us.
VTuber Maker & VTuber Editor
It can be used for free for limited commercial use. This includes video, live broadcast or marketing, etc.
We believe that it is of commercial significance if it brings you more than $1,000 in revenue a month. If you are under this threshold revenue you can use it for free, or you need to contact us.