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Vtuber Effect Cases

With VTuber Twitch extension, You can better create livesteam virtual effects to drive viewers engagement.

Special Features

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Creative Virtual Effects

Virtual Effects has prepared a lot of virtual effects for you, such as changing the size of character's head, summoning coins falling from sky, or cute head touching animation. You only need a few steps to integrate these effects into your twitch extension, bringing a new interactive way for stream viewers.

Change stream sticker for VTuber

With our vtuber extension, viewers can quickly change facial stickers, props for your VTuber. Let your audience choose your most popular avatars and increase their engagement of live streaming.

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Play VTuber Flows & emotes in Stream

Tired of repeating character actions? You can customize vtuber flows through our software and quickly integrate it into the twitch vtuber stream extension. Bring your creative works to all your audiences in a few settings.

Drive Engagement and Earn Bits

Set the bit of each item in twitch extension, allowing you to easily earn extra money from your live stream.

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Livestream interactive case

With this twitch extension, level up your stream engagement and earn money easily.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Twitch Extension is a webpage that sits inside Twitch and communicates with Twitch to provide extra functionality. It enables you to create live apps that interact with the stream, as a panel on a channel, or with chat. Create interactive experiences such as mini games, leaderboards, live gear information and more.
Virtual Effects is the best twitch extension for VTuber that not only enhance your twitch viewers engagement and can also increase your stream revenue by earning bits.
With a lot of virsual effects, you can bring endless fun to your vtuber livestream viewers. Just a few simple steps, every stream viewer can trigger virtual vtuber effects.
1.Bring creative vtuber visual effects to your audience
2.Change your vtuber dress up through twitch extensions
3.Provide an entrance for viewers to order vtuber flow they want
4.Earn million of bits by twitch extension
Compared with some top twitch extensions such as Sound Alert or Steam Sticker, we provide users with more possibilities to show their creativity, and we support users to create personalized visual effects through vtuber software. On the other hand, we are a stream extension that is more suitable for vtuber. Rich virtual special effects and live streaming effects are our strengths.
Our twitch extension program is free, but if you need to create unique virtual effects, you need to subscribe to VTuber Maker.

What our users say about us?

I am an vtuber streaming on twitch and have been using Live3D software for more than one year. I had never seen any twitch extension for vtuber before, so I went to use Virtual Effect for the first time after it was released. It created a lot of funny interactions for my audiences and they really like to use the extension to do pranks on my avatar. I can get at least 1000bits per day by using it.

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I love this program. Over the past few years, my stream viewers got tired of my cookie-cutter vtuber look, so I decided to change this situation. My audience has become more active after using this extension, their favorite item is changing my vtuber expression and dressing using the extension. It's an amazing tool that saved my livestream.

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As a new vtuber in live streaming, I haven't used the twitch extension before. I used this vtuber streaming tool after my friend's recommend, it's very easy to set up and use, my live room audience likes to use it the most It plays vtuber flow. 10/10

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