Be VTuber With Live3D Software Suite

Who are We?

We are a VTuber studio, currently around the live3d brand. We have produced a series of VTube software, the most famous ones are these five:

VTuber Maker: Focus on bringing your avatar to life with face tracking, while also taking your livestreaming career to the next level.

VTuber Editor: Focus on custom avatars & animations, by adding extra value to avatar. Make your own avatar more expressive.

VTuber Gallery: Anime Pose: It has made great achievements in the promotion and promotion of your avatar. It can not only be used to make any anime posters, but also can be used for cute anime pose reference when drawing.

VTuber Extesnsion - Twitch Effect: It is the best twitch extension for VTuber that not only enhance your twitch viewers engagement and can also increase your stream revenue by earning bits. Just a few simple steps, every stream viewer can trigger virtual vtuber effects.

DPET : Desktop Pet Engine: Ideas from shimeji and stream avatar, dedicated to providing more creative space and desktop gameplay for avatars.

Moreover, as a vtube studio, we also have many professional artists settled in to provide you with a variety of resource services, such as streaming shop, customize your exclusive live streaming channel, and bring more audience and fan growth.

Getting Start

Introduction to the main functions of VTuber Maker:

getting started for VTubers