VTuber Maker - Desktop Mascot


This chapter mainly introduces the contents of Desktop Mascot on VTuber Maker software and its corresponding main functions.

What Is On The Desktop Mascot?

The desktop mascot can make your VTuber avatar appear on the desktop, adding more interest.Click the "Desktop Mascot" button in the picture to open and your VTuber avatar will be displayed on the desktop


Here you can minimize the desktop mascot to the navigation bar.


Here you can close the desktop mascot.

Stay tuned

We will add more desktop mascot gameplay, such as it can move freely on the desktop, take the initiative to say hello and so on. You can also apply it to the live streaming to automatically interact with your viewers through chat. If you think the idea is good, please contact us and we will speed up the development. Mail us: [email protected]

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