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Custom Vtuber Model Commission


1. Accept VRoid models, simple Chibi3D models, high-quality 3D models commission.
2. All kinds of model includes Phys bone, Lip Sync, Eye-Tracking, Full-body Tracking.
3. All-in-one service:From drawing to modeling to rigging.
4. Supported 3D model formats: vrm, fbx, unity.

VRoid Model(most CHoices)



Desigh VRoid Model
- Program: VRoid
- File export: vrm
- Upload avatar to your account

Design Content
1.Half or Full body (Only human)
2. clothes (color, style)
3. hair&eye color, etc.
4 .main color
5.skeleton - add physical effects

Work within 15 ~ 25 working days

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Simple 3d model


Limited time bonus:
Get 6 months Lite suite

Design 3D model(Chibi)
-Simple polys & facets
-Design skeleton
-Design texture
-Design shader

1.Rig avatar with skeleton
2.Create expression channels
3.Add physical dynamic effects
4.Optimize map&texture detail
5.Upload avatar

Work within 25~35 working days

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high-quality 3D model


Limited time bonus:
Get 6 months Plus suite

-Design 3D Model
-Complex polys & facets
-Design skeleton & advanced addons
-Design advanced texture
-Design shader

1.Rig avatar with skeleton
2.Create expression channels
3.Add physical dynamic effects
4.Optimize map&texture detail
5.Upload avatar

Work within 35~40 working days

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Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t know about our service? Explore some details below.
If you have any comments or further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Live3D stream studio is committed to creating a creative and unique live room for VTubers, providing you with twitch overlays, badges, panels and other live room theme elements, as well as 3D VTuber Model Commission, 3D accessories and other resources, one-stop solution for all resource problems for you.

Not only that, according to the different preferences of VTubers, we also provide customized services, whether it is 2D or 3D, we will provide you with solutions that satisfy you.
1. Vtuber model commission type
—2D or 3D
2. Where is the vtuber model used for?
—For streaming or 3d gaming.
3. How much do you plan to invest?
—Different quanity model commissions require different time and money.
4. What does the commission vtuber model look like?
—You'd better prepared some reference images or models
VRM model: 15~25 workdays
Simple 3D model: 25~35 workdays
High-quality 3D model: 35~45 workdays
Typically 3D VTuber model commission costs range from $300-$3000, depending on the complexity of the model, the level of quality usually correlates with cost.

If you want to buy our VTuber model commission service, please be sure to get in touch with us, we will give you the most reasonable price according to your needs.
You can click here to see more details on our store page.
No, you can't choose a specific 3d model create tools.
You can contact us in the following ways to express your commissioning needs.
1. Service email: [email protected]
2. Artist Twitter: https://twitter.com/heng_eighteen
After confirming the 3D model draft, we do not accept major model changes, but if you need to modify some details of the model, we will meet your requirements.