3D VTuber Models

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Frequently Asked Questions

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A VTuber model is made using 2D or 3D software and is powered through motion capture tracking. These models can be very basic and simple, or highly complex depending on the creator's preference, knowledge, and VTuber setup.
Making a 3D vtuber model is a complicated project, which requires the use of professional software, such as maya and vroid software for manual drawing. If you don't have this skills, you can download vtuber maker to get free 3d vtuber model.
Live3D is a professional vtuber model servicer. You can find the most cost-effective vtuber model commission service here.
A VTuber model can cost anywhere between $150 to $3000. You can get more vtuber model commission price information at this page.
Yes, you can download vtuber maker and use the free vtuber models.