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Vtuber Model Display - Gege
VTuber intro card
Name Gege
Genger Female
Age 18
Height 168cm
Weight 49kg
Creator Live3D Team
Released Nov 30, 2022
Princess who slept in the Forbidden City hundreds of years ago traveled to the real world, and she came to Beijing in the 21st century. Everything around her seems strange, but she is not afraid at all as she is smart and intelligent. She explores everything curiously. Suddenly she saw a familiar place - the Forbidden City, where she lived hundreds of years ago. She felt excited and wanted to go there and take a look. The moment she stepped into the Meridian Gate, she met her reincarnated girl in the real world. The white-haired girl who often wore a hoodie also saw her, and the two looked at each other for serval seconds. They both seems to recall some memories of the previous life.

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