VTuber Maker - Quick Panel


Quick panel, you can quickly make your avatar perform various animations or pose in the VTuber Maker.

What are the Features in Quick Panel?


We provide basic 6 animations to quickly say hello to your fans.

We also provide more animations, such as dancing, speaking, etc., which you can find and use in the flow in the interactive tool, or you can make your own flow to express a series of actions in VTuber Editor.


We also provide 6 basic poses(jojo poses).

You can create your own anime poster by striking a pose, or you can create a cute anime pose reference for drawing in VTuber Gallery : Anime Pose, and it provides a rich anime poses library, such as jojo poses, hero poses, etc.

Let's see the effect!

Animation for VTubers & Vup

Make your avatar quickly perform various animations or poses

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