VTuber Maker - (Twitch) Interaction Tool


The twitch interactive tool can be simply understood as allowing the avatar to perform various interactions, such as letting the avatar play animations, effects, and even atmosphere interaction. It is a fun creative feature of our VTuber Maker app.

What are the Features in (Twitch) Interaction Tool?

Twitch Extension Connect

Used to connect to our twitch extension so that twitch viewers can interact with your vtuber avatar by triggering these effects.

Twitch Extension Setting

1) install Link

Where to install the twitch extension, Of course, you can also click here: Virtual Effects | Vtubers

2) chat alert

Similar to chat bot, when the viewers triggers an effect, your thank you words will appear in the chat, and at the same time can better stimulate other viewers to trigger.

Twitch Extension Component

Here you can customize the effects in the extension panel, such as changing the effect, modifying the effect name, changing the consumption amount of twitch bits of the effect.

About Effect & Flow

We provide 8 effects and 10+ flow~

Flow can be understood as a modifiable and customized effect. You can make your own exclusive effect by quickly editing it in VTuber Editor.

Let's see the effect!

(Twitch) Interaction Tool

Help millions of VTuber to level up their streaming.

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