How to Install and Login VTuber Maker

Download VTuber Maker Zip File

There are three places to download VTuber Maker

Download Website:

After full download file, you will get a VTuber Maker .zip file

Unzip VTuber_Maker Zip File

You need to have a unzip application, such as '7zip' or 'winzip'. Click right mouse to unzip the file.

then you will get a folder like this

If you Don't Have an Unzip Application, Go to Steam and Download it Directly

Open VTuber Maker.exe


then you will go to login interface

Choose 'Sign Up' to register a new account.

Register a New VTuber Maker Account

Input username, email and password and submit.

It will send an activation email to you and you need to activate you account.

If you don't find the activation email from Live3D after 2 minutes, please check in the trash, because it may be misidentified as spam.

After Activation You Can Login and Use VTuber Maker