How to become an excellent vtuber quickly? Start by having a high-quality 3D model

What is VTuber

The easiest way to understand what it’s like to be a VTuber is to go and watch a couple of VTuber videos. Like this one with an anime girl, or… well, another anime hero. In short, vtubers are just regular YouTube content creators or bloggers who switch their personal identity to an animated one. Does it always have to be anime? Actually, no. But the history of VTuber emergence is directly related to Japan. That is where anime was and remains the most popular cartoon genre..

How do VTubers work?

Let's first interpret the essence of VTuber: Generally speaking, personal potential VTuber = model (2D/3D) + actors (planning, performance, editing, operation) + realization technology. More generally speaking, a virtual anchor is a performance of a real person, which is reproduced one by one into the virtual image through the capture technology. Now, avatar design and capture technology can solve with the help of various implementation tools, and even ordinary people can easily get started

Gawr Gura(がうる・ぐら)

What is biggest difficulty of vtuber?

Now, avatar design and capture technology can solve with the help of various implementation tools, and even ordinary people can easily get started. Capture technology is easy to get ,like an iPhone ,or webcam ,but according to the production level of the artist and the exquisiteness of the work, the price of a VTuber model ranges from US$500 to US$2500.It may too expensive for someone.

Where can find a good cheap model

VTuber Maker supports this service!What is VTuber Maker ?It is a live streaming software dedicated to live streaming, face capture, and on-stage interaction. It doesn't require many operations. Just download and install the software on Steam, and after registering successfully, you can start your own virtual live streaming tour.

It is worth mentioning that their model service is also brilliant! For their $99 package, they can add expression channel for your model, the model's face can be flexibly captured by the webcam, and add physical dynamic effects, so that your avatar can be vivid and natural in various states. For their $699 and $999 packages, they will design 3d models according to your requirements or sketches, design skeleton、texture、and shader, create expression channels and physical dynamic effects, and kindly help you upload them to your VTuber Editor account.

The difference between 💲699 and 💲999 packages

What's the difference? It mainly lies in the difficulty of the 3D model. If the modeling is simple, there are not many faces in the modeling, and the material is not very complicated (such as hair), the price will be lower.For example:


Service after sale

After introducing the price, what is their service like? Their model production is divided into four parts, namely character design, white mold production, texture drawing, and finally rig avatar with skeleton, so that avatar can do expressions and actions .These four parts will take about 20~35 days, and each part will be sent to the customer to check, and the next step will be taken when the customer is satisfied to ensure the quality of the model. Maybe you will worry if the final effect of the model you are not very satisfied, or you don’t want it, what should you do? It doesn’t matter, you can negotiate a partial refund.

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