1. What is VTuber Gallery?

VTuber Gallery is a gallery application developed by Live3D for avatar Pose production + exhibition. It not only provides various animation pose drawing references, but also brings new gameplay collections from art exhibitions, not limited to pose posters, pose statues, pose sketches, etc.

You can display your various works in the art gallery, such as displaying pose posters, thus turning it into a photo gallery. Of course, you can also turn it into an exclusive collection of your exhibition hall, including exclusive virtual character statues and interesting painting pose references. With our update iterations, more editable properties of the exhibition hall will be gradually presented to you.

VTuber Gallery will be launched on several platforms including Steam. For more information, please follow the official Live3D website: https://live3d.io/

2. How does VTuber Gallery work?

2.1 Personal exhibition gallery

3D figure sculptures, posters, line drawing, dynamic painting references, etc. you create can all be displayed in your personal gallery. One exhibition hall is currently provided, supporting 5 booths. More booths and exhibition halls may be opened in the future, as well as more interesting interactive gameplay, so stay tuned.

2.2.1 How to show exhibits?

Select an empty booth, you can see the "+" add button in the operation area directly below, click to select the work you want to exhibit from all your works, and click to display.

Ps: If you don't have a work yet, you can go to 2.2 to see how to make an exhibit.

2.1.2 How to remove exhibits?

If your exhibit already has work on display, you can click the remove button just below to remove the exhibit.

2.2 Depot

All the works you create can be viewed and edited in the warehouse, and a download function is provided. All non-3D figure sculptures can be downloaded, and you can create secondary creations on this basis.

2.3 How are the exhibits made?

2.3.1 Step1: Choose a avatar

The system provides more than 30 prefabricated avatars including nude models. If you want to use your own model, you can upload your own model through VTuber Editor and use it;

2.3.2 Step2: Choose a scene

The system provides a default grid scene and a beautiful real scene, and the screenshot is a blockbuster.

Default grid scene
Scenery scene

2.3.3 Step3: Posture adjustment

(1) The system provides more than 20 kinds of prefabricated poses including JoJo Pose, Hero Pose, etc., to quickly generate high-quality poses for you.

(2)You can also make detailed adjustments to bones, including finger details.

2.3.4 Step4: Save as a work

(1)3D figure sculpture

Save as a 3D character sculpture. The specific display effect is as follows:


The poster is a 2D image of a character from the final perspective of the scene. Can be used for promotion and drawing reference.

(3)Line drawing

The line drawing is based on the poster to generate a line drawing, which can not only be used as a drawing reference, but also can be used for secondary creation.

(4)Dynamic line drawing

The dynamic line drawing to the record of the evolution form from the default Pose(A pose) to the final Pose, currently providing 4 frames. At the same time, it also provides line drawings corresponding to all sequence frames, and more natural pose transitions give you a more accurate drawing reference.

3. Here are some tips to help you make better use of this feature

At this point, you have mastered all the operation methods of VTuber gallery, go and try it! If you still have some questions or suggestions, you can contact us in the following ways: