VTuber Avatar Maker FREE Online Tool,VseeFace or VTuber Maker?

If you are planning to become a VTuber Avatar maker, now is the best time, because I have two applications that I need to introduce to you, one is called VC face and the other is called VTuber maker.

You may not know why you need this VTuber Tool and face tracking software which is free face tracking software , so let me tell you when you need it.

To put it simply, it is a content production tool. When we broadcast live, the first thing we think of is what our screen looks like? If you are a game virtual anchor, then your content screen will be very simple, that is, a virtual avatar standing on the game screen to speak for you.

Of course, if you want your fans to see richer screen content, then you will need a software that can customize the screen content with the virtual anchor, and this software is the VTuber Avatar Mkaer Tool we are going to talk about today.

Okay, I think I can't wait any longer, right? That brings me to today's topic. Let us discuss the following issues together.

Why do you need the best free Vtuber App?

For most people who want to start planning to become a VTuber, if you have the best VTuber App, then your things will go very smoothly. After consulting and asking a lot of starters, to sum up, there are several reasons :

  1. The cost of doing virtual live broadcasts is high
    If you don’t have your own 3d avatar, then you will need to spend at least $1,000 to ask someone to make a model for you. This will be a difficulty that keeps you out of the door. Because of this, you are even more reluctant. Spend money to use the software that has been charged, because this will make your live broadcast more expensive.
  2. High-performance, high-stability software applications
    If you use a software very smoothly, even if there is a problem in the middle, you will choose it, right? Yes, it is true, you will tolerate his problems. When you use it slowly and the computer is running lagging, you will be very angry and uninstall it directly.
    Obviously it is easy to see, and you can accept obvious bugs, but the user experience is very bad. This is a matter of life and death for user software. Therefore, the best vtuber App should be stable to run.
  3. Easy to use
    I believe that for most people, simple operating software is a process of experiencing artwork, because only by being simple enough can it be more easily accepted. If your VTuber App still requires me to think about the next step What am i doing? And there are many functions and complex, there are many setting options, sorry, I give up using it, it makes me very angry.

How about VC Face

The second application I’m about to introduce to you is an application called VSeeFace that we only discovered recently.

VC Face

If you just want to keep your body moving, VSeeFace can be controlled via your webcam, and just like the program I use now, VSeeFace allows you to do full finger tracking and allows you to move your arms. It is actually an application I recently discovered, and this is probably one of the most powerful free V-Tubing applications you can use on your desktop.

What does it mean? This means that for this application, you need to use at least one webcam, which provides you with my body tracking here.
But if you have something called Elite Motion, it can also let you do hand tracking. Although it is not perfect, it does a pretty good job. Like all other applications, it also enables you to have a series of expressions.

One thing about this app is that it is still under development, and the developers of this app are improving the user's avatar to see if they can solve the user's problem.

What’s really nice is that the developer is listening to the opinions of the community and actively trying to improve this application. So maybe next time we see this app, it will be better than today.

How about VTuber Maker

The second VTuber software I want to introduce is called VTuber Maker, which is probably the best free application in the world.

VTuber Maker

If you want the upper body of the model to accompany your movement, you only need to turn on the camera, and he can capture the movement and expression of your head, and the upper body moves with your movement, making your avatar very flexible.

In addition, it also has a feature that other software does not have, that is lip matching, that is, when you turn on the microphone, speak and sing into the microphone, your Virtual avatar will open and close its mouth, just like a real person It moves like you, very realistic.

This application has only been developed for one year. The official team is very young and has a persistent pursuit of the product. The product is updated and iterated every 7 days or so. At present, the product experience has been achieved to the extreme, and the application interface is very beautiful. And actively help users solve problems in the community, and even listen to users' opinions, which is a very valuable quality.

If you still want to use hand capture, their effect is very good, support Leap Motion, if you also want full body motion capture, then you need to buy a set of motion compensation equipment.

These are very common functions, and its editing is more powerful. It has different backgrounds and dynamic small elements to meet the individual needs of live broadcast.

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Which is the best VTuber App

Whether it’s VseeFace or VTuber Maker, I think they have their own strengths. Face capture and motion capture are their common functions. You can use either one, but if you need lip-matching, then VTuber Maker is undoubtedly the best for you. s Choice. But if you want to customize a more personalized live broadcast room, then VTuber maker is also your best choice, because he has a lot of scene resources and decoration resources, which can meet your needs in any scene.

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