How to become a virtual youtuber

What is VTuber

A worker must first sharpen his tools if he wants to do his job well. A technical novice who wants to be a VTuber can use what "weapon" to get started quickly? Let's first interpret the essence of VTuber: Generally speaking, personal potential VTuber = model (2D/3D) + actors (planning, performance, editing, operation) + realization technology. More generally speaking, a virtual anchor is a performance of a real person, which is reproduced one by one into the virtual image through the capture technology. Now, avatar design and capture technology can solve with the help of various implementation tools, and even ordinary people can easily get started.

How to get a avatar model (2D/3D)

According to the production the level of the artist and the exquisiteness of the work, the price of a VTuber 3Dmodel ranges from US$500 to US$2500,may Model 2D is cheaper.Of course you can make a avatar by Maya or other modeling software,then import the avatars resourse to the specific application. Although it is expensive and troublesome to build, the virtual model allows the anchor to avoid others' evaluation of appearance, body shape, etc., but to focus on the content of the live broadcast, which can create a more harmonious network environment.

What is the basic funtion of Vtuber software

To have a awsome living boradcast effct,provided high-precision, high-sensitivity facial capture is the first,then audio based lipsync is also important.Change the backgroundg、decorations trigger better visual experience.

How to choose suitbale Vtuber software

Searching for VTuber on Steam, there will be 69 results. The top rankings are VTuber Maker & Editor, Nyanco-VTuber, VUP, etc. To easy to use in the living stream,broadcaster also desire all function in one software,VTuber Maker can do them professionaly.

What is VTuber Maker

VTuber Maker is a live streaming software dedicated to Live streaming, face capture, and on-stage interaction. It doesn't require many operations. You just download and install the software on Steam, and after registering successfully, you can start your own virtual live streaming tour. Not only can you choose from a variety of characters and animals, but you can even modify your appearance, decorations, and movements. All you need is a computer with a camera, and VTuber Maker will help you bring home your virtual hosts.

Core funtion of VTuber Maker

All kinds of avatars

More than 20 characters, all with their names and personalities, are sure to have one you like. If not, you can make your image and upload it. Go to Vtuber Maker to discover the hidden feature.

VTuber Maker

Vivid decoration and rich scenes

How do you make your virtual anchors stand out? Rich decor provides support for you. Whether it's a sticker, a wing, or a microphone, there are options for you, and more content will be updated in the future to meet the needs of users. To meet the decoration scenes, and where do you want to live from, a classroom, a meadow, or outer space? If you want to upload your background, it also provides support.

Audio based lipsync

What to do if you don’t have a webcam, don’t worry, VTuber Maker also provide professional voice tracking, which can also achieve the great anthropomorphic effect.


VTuber Maker has only one editing area on the right side, and the function is clear, the operation is simple, and each command has timely feedback , but VTuber studio has two editing areas on the left and right, and the operation is troublesome, there are many parameters that need to be adjusted, and You can't directly see the effect after editing, and it is not very friendly to novices.

VTuber Maker

Personal setting

VTuber Maker has preset pendants, you can edit the color, style and position by yourself, and you can adjust the brush, which is powerful .

Character actions that can be edited

To make the avatars more diverse, Vtuber Maker also has an editing software called Vtuber Editor, in which you can edit your desired actions or set some commands for quick actions. Modular editing methods, there is a preview to see if it meets their expectations. After the edit is finished, you can save the resources and upload it to VTuber Maker for direct use. It is very convenient!

VTuber Maker

If users encounter difficulties, VTuber Maker group is happy to help every vtuber!

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