How to Make a Successful VTuber Model Reveal

What is ‘VTuber Model Reveal’?

‘VTuber model reveals’ is a growing trend among VTubers on social media. Typically, the initiator will post a unique display picture of their VTuber model and gradually reveal more details about it as the post receives more likes or retweets. The goal is to attract attention to their VTuber model."

How to Find VTuber Model Reveal Template?


If you search for the term "vtuber model reveal" on Twitter, you will find numerous templates. These templates have a common feature, where a blank part replaces the display picture of the model. Each blank part has a specified number of likes required to reveal the hidden content.

vtuber model reveal template image
vtuber model reveal template image


If you are not good at drawing graphics, it is also a good choice to find someone to customize on fiverr. Here is a fiverr store I recommend, her store score is 5 which means her service is good enough.

fivver vtuber model reveal template image

How to Make a Successful VTuber Model Reveal

  1. Choose your most influential social platform. If you have no influence on any platform, then I suggest you initiate it on Twitter.
  2. Choose pictures in GIF format for model revealing, which can better attract people's attention.
  3. Choose the right hashtag to reach people interested in this type of activity. For example, the fixed hashtags for such activities on Twitter are #modelreveal and #vtubermodelreveal.
  4. Interact with everyone (No matter it likes, retweets or comments)
  5. Don’t set too high numerical goals
  6. Give your fans something to reward as you have reached a goal. Such as follower achievements, likes or retweets, etc.

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