Shimeji App vs. Desktop Pet Engine | The Best Desktop Companions?

shimeji app vs DPET

Shimeji app and Desktop Pet Engine (the following is expressed in DPET) are currently very popular desktop partner tools, which originated from Shimeji anime. The former is mainly used to generate various shimejis on the desktop and interact with users, while the latter can also interact with users while generating many pets.
This article covers complete tests and all features to help you decide whether to choose Shimeji app or DPET. At the same time, although there are many products derived from Shimeji apps on the market, such as Shimeji browser extension, Shimeji for phone and Shimeji ee, this paper selects the most common Shimeji ee for comparison.

DPET is easier to start than Shimeji app

For Shimeji app, you can find the installation package here. This version of Shimeji ee is based on the work of Yamada Yuki, a seemingly obsolete project of group finance. However, there are no relevant links anymore. Its functions have been kept as original as possible, so you can enjoy it.
After that, you may encounter the problem that you can't open Shimeji ee, because Shimeji ee is developed in Java language, and the final generated file is not an executable file under windows, but a Shimeji ee jar package.

shimeji installation steps

Of course, this problem is not within the scope of this article. If you still haven't solved this problem after spending some time, I suggest you skip this article and download DPET directly.
On the contrary, the installation of DPET is much simpler. Since DPET is an application distributed on steam, you only need a steam account. After logging in, you can install and use it for free.

DPET has more features than Shimeji app

Shimeji app

Rich movements: Shimeji app's resources have some conventional movements (walking, running, climbing, etc.) and some resources carry some special movements (transformation, evolution, skills, etc.)
Rich resources: Since Shimeji app appeared earlier, it has accumulated more users, which has also spawned many artists to create for it. Now there are many resources of Shimeji app on the network.
Window interaction ability: Shimejis can walk on the ground on the upper boundary of a window, or climb on the left and right boundaries of the window.


Better performance: According to the test below, we can see from the comparison results of various aspects that DPET has better CPU power consumption and memory occupation, which means you can better work or play.
Rich movements: As the inspiration comes from shimeji app, most actions can also be implemented in DPET. It has a function of Shimeji directory, and can quickly switch and use resources without external searching and downloading.
Support for Shimeji resource conversion: In order to further enrich DPET resources and welcome Shimeji app users, the product will support the resource conversion of Shimeji. (this function is currently available only to internal personnel)
Streaming mode: In order to further expand the audience of the product and bring more uses, DPET supports the connection with the streaming of twitch. Whenever an audience makes a speech in the live broadcast room, it will produce a Shimeji avatar, display the speech effect, and enhance the interaction between the anchor and the audience.
Beautiful interface: It provides a more friendly and beautiful user interface, and makes user operation and settings easier.

rich features in DPET

DPET uses less computer resources than Shimeji app

As you can see, Shimeji app's memory usage will be five times that of DPET, which means that if you only have 4G or 8g of memory, Shimeji app will undoubtedly become the first object you want to clean up. So, DPET wins.For the CPU occupied part, DPET wins by a narrow margin.

DPET supports more operating systems than Shimeji app

So far, Shimeji app only supports the windows platform. If you are a Mac user, I'm sorry. Even if you like Shimeji ee so much, you can't use it. Fortunately, DPET has perfectly supported windows and MAC. At present, it also supports running on the new M-series CPU developed by Apple, and the experience is very good!

DPET supports Macos system


Finally, I sorted out a form, hoping to help you make the final choice.

In many ways, DPET is better and has more potential than Shimeji app. I believe you can make a decision easily.