300+ Free Cute Anime Pose References - The Best Guide

What is a cute anime pose reference?

Anime (アニメ), refers to animation works produced in Japan, mainly broadcast on TV. They are generally adapted from comics, picture books, novels, light novels, or games, and are often divided into different styles and genres according to different audiences.

Now popular with more and more people, anime poses also provide a reference for learning and experienced anime artists to save, track or find inspiration.

What we are going to talk about today is the cute anime pose reference.

What are the popular cute anime poses references recently?

1) JoJo Pose

JoJo Pose (Japanese: ジョジョ立ち, JoJo Dachi) refers to various signature poses used by the protagonist characters in the manga series Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Mainly due to the undramatic nature of the poses, JoJo's pose has been subject to parodies and imitations by manga fans.

Jojo Pose with VTuber Gallery : Anime Pose
JoJo Pose

2) Jack-O' Pose

If you often pay attention to the dynamics of painters, or visit websites such as Pixiv to study the structure of the human body, you should have noticed a peculiar phenomenon recently.

All of a sudden, a peculiar anime pose became popular. Usually, their characters lean forward in a half-split manner, slump their buttocks, and press their chin and chest to the ground.

Jack-O' Pose with VTuber Gallery : Anime Pose
Jack-O' Pose

In fact, this action is actually from Jack-O in the new work of "Guilty Gear". Because this anime pose is so popular, even beyond the game itself, many people don't know that this action is actually from the "Guilty Gear" series.

In addition to real-life challenges, what we see online now are more illustrations or 3D models created by netizens. It has set off a wave of netizens citing such anime poses for creation.

How to do a cute anime pose reference yourself?

Want to create the next hot anime pose? This has to mention VTuber Gallery : Anime Pose, it may help you achieve it.

What is VTuber Gallery : Anime Pose?

VTuber Gallery : Anime Pose is an art gallery focused on anime poses. Use your own avatar to quickly pose as a cute anime pose reference, VTuber pose anime poster, or illustration.

How to make a cute anime pose reference with VTuber Gallery : Anime Pose?

1) First of all, you can easily find it on the Live3D website, and download and use it on steam.

2) Choose an avatar. VTuber Gallery : Anime Pose provides 30+ cute models, and also supports custom uploading of VRM models.

3) Strike a pose. The app provides a wealth of anime pose references in various categories such as JoJo pose, hero pose, and daily pose.

The most important thing is to support custom editing poses. You can easily adjust the details of the skeleton to create anime poses that satisfy you.

Create a classic JoJo pose for your avatar in 3 seconds.

Make a JOJO Pose

4) What can I do after creating a cute anime pose reference?

1) Pose poster
anime poster
2) Dynamic pose reference drawing

Generate a skeleton hand drawing to make your anime poses a little easier to draw.

skeleton hand drawing

Other amazing anime drawing cases:

Comic anime pose

There is also dynamic pose reference drawing waiting for you to experience.

What are some reliable anime pose websites?

Posemaniacs is a royalty-free pose reference for all artists. They aim to "make free learning materials for all would-be artists.

"More than 30 different styles of anime poses, such as cute poses, and fighting poses, allow you to easily draw references. At the same time, there is a 30-second rapid human sketch challenge, which is practical and interesting and is the best choice for anime pose references.

bodies in motion is a resource for artists, designers, and animators looking for the highest quality figure reference for their projects. Art and inspiration from the human body in motion.

A rich resource for artists, designers, and animators, providing the highest quality character references, such as anime face references, and anime body pose references. Art and inspiration from the human body in motion.