4 Best VTuber Commissions in 2023(3D,2D,Avatar,Overlay)

best vtuber commission

Which is the Best VTuber Commission Services?

  • 3D VTuber Model Commission — Live3D
  • 2D VTuber Model Commission — Etsy
  • VTuber Avatar Commission — VTuber Market
  • VTuber Overlay Commission — Fiverr
Providers Service Type Pros Cons
Live3D 3D (1)excellent service and cheap
(2)a lot of commission examples
(3)gift 6 months Live3D lite/plus
(4)quick customer feedback
(1)take a long time
Etsy  2D (1)good customer experience
(2)quick feedback
(3)low-level price
(2)less commission choices
VTuber Market avatar (1)commission history example
(2)a lot of active sellers
(2)no customer reviews
(3)no seller rates
Fiverr overlay (1)rich VTuber graphics catagories
(2)so many choices
(3)good experience
(1)higher price
(2)doubtful service quality

3D VTuber Model Commission - Live3D

Live3D is a well-known 3D VTuber software suite, including 4 easy-to-use vtuber programs(VTuber Maker, VTuber Editor, VTuber Gallery, VTuber Extension), among which VTuber Maker is often ranked first in the steam store. The vtuber maker program provides more than 40 exquisite 3d vtuber models, and provides smooth face capture, body capture and hand capture functions.

vtuber model commission
vtuber model commission

In addition, Live3D also provides cheap 3D model customization services. The picture below is the 3D vtuber model they customized. You can check their previous cases through this page.

The biggest surprise of commission 3d vtuber models in live3d is that you can get 6 months of software Lite/Plus package for free, which is very attractive for all those who use vtuber to do something.

vtuber model commission

2D VTuber Model Commission - Etsy

There are a lot of 2D vtuber model commission services in the network, most of which are provided by independent artists, so it is very important to choose an authoritative third-party platform. After experiencing 10+ Live2d model commisson services, I strongly recommend the Etsy platform as the best place for 2d vtuber model commission.

The Etsy platform has an excellent user experience and convenient communication channels, and it also has a good advantage in terms of price compared with Fiverr. More importantly, you can view the after-sales evaluation of every real customer, which will help you find your favorite seller.

VTuber Avatar Commission - VTuber Market

VTuber Market is a good place to find VTuber model artists and riggers for commission vtuber avatar while its price is more expensive than other platforms. At vtuber market you will find a lot of custom options for vtuber avatars, find out what works best for you by looking at examples from each artist.

The only disadvantage of vtuber market is that it is impossible to view customer reviews and seller ratings, which makes it difficult for users to find high-quality sellers conveniently.

VTuber Overlay Commission - Fiverr

Fiverr is a global online marketplace for freelance services with 500+ digital services catagories. On Fiverr you can find a large number of VTuber graphics resource commission services, VTuber overlay, Background, Assets, etc. Fiverr has many types of vtuber commission services, and its another advantage is that it has so many active sellers. So if you want to choose to create unique vtuber graphics resources, there is no doubt to choose Fiverr.

The disadvantage of choosing a commission service on Fiverr is that it is difficult to determine the quality of the seller's service. Although Fiverr supports after-sales reviews and seller-level ranking of stores, but I would still doubt the authenticity of these information.