The Ultimate Guide to Commission Vtuber Model in 2023

1. What is Vtuber Model

The Vtuber model is an online artist virtual avatar generated by 3D or 2D computer software, which originated in the digital trend in Japan in 2010. These Vtuber models often interact with audiences through facial capture and motion capture technology, you can use these models to interact and talk with fans on live streaming platforms like youtube, twitch, Tiktok, etc. You can also use it for content creation activities.
Of course, this is more suitable for those who don't want to show their real face on the live broadcast platform, you can even use a voice changer to completely change your appearance and voice, a large number of Vtuber have made huge achievements on youtube and twitch through this mode. The success of the top Vtuber even has more than 10 million fans around the world.
These models are based on the creators and artists who set their characters in a basic style, and many Vtubers will be modeled after famous anime characters in style. Of course, there are also a large number of Vtuber with their own personalized style, and the customization of the Vtuber model allows you to fully express your personality in the live broadcast. You don't even need to care about your gender or all the restrictions on you in reality. You can choose a male Vtuber model or a female Vtuber model, or you can choose to be a bear or a rabbit all the time, it all depends on your mood.

1.1 The main difference between different Vtuber Models

1.1.1 Difference between 2D model and 3D model

The easier to use of the two animation styles is 2D. These models don't actually exist in 3D space, so they have a limited range of motion, but still achieve a successful level of expressiveness. Since 2D models are not as complicated to create as 3D models, they are a popular choice for novice VTubers who don't want to break the bank. Some creators also tend to prefer this animation style over 3D regardless of cost.
3D VTuber enables a great deal of realism and expressiveness. These types of models can be controlled with gestures and facial expressions like 2D models, but can also be fitted to full-body tracking suits to mimic real-time body movement for a more realistic effect. These models require a lot of complex work to create, so they are more expensive.

1.1.2 Difference in model size

Another difference is the size of the models you want to have, the three most common sizes are above the chest, above the waist, and full body. The larger the size, the more work the artist has to do, and the cost you pay will increase exponentially.

1.2 The main ways of using the two Vtuber Models

1.2.1 Live - Youtube, Twitch

Game Live Chat live
A large number of game anchors have very good game skills, but they don't want their fans to see their life image. It is a very good choice to hide their real image through the Vtuber model. Usually fans will pay more attention to the game itself, and even many anime characters can interact with anime games. Vtuber originally originated in Japan, and the animation image has attracted a large number of fans who are fascinated by Japanese animation culture. These fans find their favorite Vtuber on the live broadcast platform and interact directly with them. It's a huge surprise for them
live-vtuber model commission

1.2.2 Short Video - Tiktok

Tiktok is currently being used by people on a large scale.Vtuber often makes short video shooting and live broadcasting on the Tiktok platform. This model can attract more anchors in a short period of time.

Short Video - Tiktok-vtuber model commission

1.3 Three professional tools for making Vtuber Models

Blender 3DMAX Maya
Blender is a free and open source 3D graphics and image software that provides animation short film production solutions from modeling, animation, material, rendering to audio processing. It can complete the whole process of Vtuber model production, especially the independent three-dimensional space rendering function has a very powerful advantage in character model production. The full name of 3D max is 3D studio max, which is a three-dimensional animation rendering and production software based on PC system. It has very powerful advantages in animation production in computer games, and a considerable number of Vtuber artists choose to use 3Dmax in model production Maya software is also a very good software in polygon modeling, and it also has its own unique advantages in character creation and animation.

professional tools for making Vtuber Models

2. Which platforms can commission Vtuber Model?

There are very many places on the Internet to download and buy Vtuber models. After all, a custom Vtuber model is a very complicated thing. It requires an artist to allocate a lot of time and energy to complete it. According to the complexity of different models, it needs to be built. Modeling, rendering, color grading, binding and other technologies, a model can be up to tens of thousands of dollars.
Here, I will recommend you some of the best download and customization platforms, if you are a beginner, you can use it by visiting the free Vtuber model platform to download some free models. If you are an advanced person and need a more personalized and customized Vtuber model, you can visit these very cost-effective websites to customize it.

2.1 Free 3D Vtuber Model commission

This is a free Vtuber model sharing platform, which has a very rich Vtuber 3D model, hand model and some prop models. If you are not so demanding about the personalization of the model, you can find a lot of beautiful free model props here , but note that it requires registration to download for free. In addition, I must warn, remember to use it in a legal way in the process of using it.

3D.nicovideo- free 3d vtuber model commission

2.1.2 VRoid hub

VRoid Hub is a 3D model sharing platform where users can publish their 3D characters and share them with other users. Through VRoid Hub, users can publish their own 3D models, bring their characters to life with numerous animations available on their profile pages, and distribute model data to other users by setting specific usage conditions. You can find a lot of models shared by other users here, and if you have your own models, you can also share them on this platform

2.2 The most worthwhile customized paid 3d Vtuber Model commission

2.2.1 #1 Vtuber studio-Live3d

This platform proposes to create a Top VTuber commission service with more than 100 different VTuber artists . This vtuber studio provides professional model customization services, the most cost-effective vtuber model customization in the entire network. The studio itself provides a series of supporting services around virtual live broadcasts, not only for model customization, but also for live broadcasts. All kinds of tools, materials, etc., if you have very unique needs in the customization of models, you will not regret placing an order on this platform.

Vtuber studio-Live3d

2.2.2 Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelancers in all areas of life. Thankfully, it has a very active VTuber model commissioning service with some very talented artists. There are a large number of VTuber designers accepting commissions for VTube models on the platform. No matter what niche your VTuber model needs, be it NSFW or something like Furry, there is an artist who can charge your VTuber model commission.

Fiverr-vtuber community

2.2.3 Patella

This is a fully customized platform that provides a variety of rich detailed model customization, including upper waist and full body. It will communicate with you step by step at the sketch stage and is one of the best buying platforms for Vtuber models.

All models are individually custom made, clients receive their psd files in advance to confirm the style of the models, and their prices vary with the complexity of the design.

2.2.5 Myvtuber

Small art studios in the content creation community, a large number of artists and animators provide users with certain services, from painting to animation and model making, you can find corresponding services here. Directly contribute to the wonderful live broadcast.

3. How much does the Vtuber Model generally cost? Divided into several price points

  • high price vtuber model:High-value 3D models are likely to cost over $8,000, 3D models require more time, skill, and effort to design and create, so they also cost more.
  • medium price vtuber model :A mid-priced 3d vtuber model may include the model itself, which is around $500-$5000. The model at this price can meet the needs of most users. If you are a streamer with less than 100,000 followers, you can find your model at this price stage.
  • low price vtuber model:There are very few low-priced 3d vtuber models, because their production costs are so high that the artist has to spend a lot of time for it. But there are also some low-priced models ranging from $50 to $200, which requires you to go to some communities to find collaborative artists.

4. Finally: which social channels can you use to learn about the to commission Vtuber Model

Becoming a Vtuber can be a very complicated and expensive thing, but if you know which social platforms to learn about this information, you may be able to avoid some of the obstacles. To avoid these obstacles, here are some major social channels to help you understand To commission Vtuber model, you can search the Vtubing community on platforms such as twitter, Tiktok, Quaro, there are a large number of artists and Vtuber sharing content in the community, you can find the answer.

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