How to generate nude photo with Live3D’s AI Nude Generator?

With the increasing popularity of AI image generators, live3d's AI nude generator is the first one among them. Today, we will take you to experience it in detail, and how to generate nude images through it, and then see the final actual effect it presents.

Before guiding everyone, I would like to recommend the complete version of the live3d ai nude generator - AnimeGenius, which has more features, models, and gameplay.

Five detailed steps for generating nude photos

1. Go to the trial page of Live3D's AI Nude Generator

Go to AI Nude Generator and Click the 'get started for free' button, and then you will go to online AI nude playground for free.

AI nude generator page

Note: After clicking the button to jump, you need to wait a few seconds for the AI Nude Generator tool to load. If it completes loading, you will see the content shown in the following image:

ai nude playground

2. Type text in the prompt word box

Enter the character description you want in the prompt, such as ' anime gil, red hair, blue eyes, wearing a short skirt, smiling'

Or you can randomly generate prompts. Just need to click [random prompt] button.

type text in the prompt word box

3. Add prompts related to nude (necessary)

You just need to add the word 'nude' in the prompt word and you will get a naked picture.

Add nude prompt in the prompt box

4. Choose one from character style and visual style.(optional)

Select your favorite 'character style' and 'visual styles', they will determine your character's appearance and background colors.
If you want to see more, please click on 'show more' button.

Choose one from character style and visual style

5. Waiting for Nude character generation

Click submit and wait for AI to create nude anime images

Note: The generator will display the expected generation time and the number of people waiting in the queue.

click submit and generate

Precautions for the AI Nude Generator

  1. If the system say 'this application is too busy', it means that many people are using this service. Please wait for a while before trying again
  2. If any other errors occur, please provide us with timely feedback
ai nude playground error info

Now let's take a look at the final actual effect

The resulting nude image is shown below left image (I have mosaiced the nude parts), and the right is not naked.

a nude girl
a dress girl