How to Upload VRM Models in VTuber Maker

This article will tell you how to upload vrm models for free in VTuber Maker.

Open VTuber Maker

Click【Avatar】-【Private】button, download VTuber Editor

Upload VRM Model in VTuber Editor

Click【Private Avatars】-【New Avatar】

Upload VRM file(only .vrm format are supported), please ensure the following three points to successfully upload:

  1. Your vrm file size must be less than 50MB
  2. Don't use VPN tools during the uploading (VPN tools will cause network firewalls)
  3. Currently we haven't support vrm v1.0 model version (compatibility issue). If your model is vrm v1.0 version, you need to convert to v0. x version then upload VTuber Editor

If the waiting time for uploading is excessively long, resulting in upload failure, it is possible that one of the three factors is responsible for the upload error.

Edit the Blendshape of your model and save

After uploading successfully, you can preview your model

Restart VTuber Maker

Close and restart VTuber Maker, then you can use your custom avatar

Go to【Avatar】-【Private】


Custom avatar slots

Free User: 1 slot
Lite User: unlimited slots
Plus User: unlimited slots