How to Find Free VRoid Models to Use

What is VRoid Model?

VRoid is a 3D character creation tool that allows users to create and customize their own 3D avatars, known as VRoid models. These models can be used in various applications, including gaming, animation, virtual reality, and more.

How to Find Free VRoid Models?

Best 3 places to find free VRoid models:

  • VRoid Hub——Need to check copyright carefully
  • VTuber Maker——Provide high-quality free VRoid models
  • Booth——More free models but poor quality

VRoid Hub

VRoid Hub is a platform where users can post their 3D characters and share them with other users. With VRoid Hub, users can post their own 3D models to make their characters come alive.

You can go to the vroid hub to find a lot of vroid models that you can use for free. Please be sure to pay attention to the copyright usage rights of the model. You can check whether the model can be downloaded, commercialized, modified or redistributed at the bottom right of the page. Download this model after confirming that there are no problems.

VTuber Maker

VTuber Maker is another place where you can use free models. Every model integrated in this software has undergone a full body rig, supports eye tracking, hand tracking and lip sync. You can find the model options they provide on this page, there are many cute anime girls, and some unique anime characters. Download vtuber maker for free to use them quickly.

vroid model
vroid model

If you are confused about how to install vtuber maker, you can refer to this introduction article. This guide will teach you how to log in vtuber maker step by step.

Booth is a Japanese website where users can distribute their creations. These creations can be almost anything, things like bags, 3d models, jewelry, music, stickers and art. We all know that the vroid studio app and are both owned by pixiv Inc., so you can easily find free vroid models on booth.

However, the quality of the models provided on Booth is generally poor, and there is no guarantee that they can be used commercially.

Dos and Don'ts of Using Free VRoid Models

Using free VRoid models can be a great way to add 3D models to your projects without having to create them from scratch. However, there are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind when using these models:


  1. Do check the terms of use for the model before using it.
  2. Do credit the creator of the model in your project.
  3. Do make sure that the model is appropriate for your project and audience.
  4. Do use the model as a starting point and make modifications to make it your own.
  5. Do follow any additional guidelines provided by the model’s creator.


  1. Don’t claim the model as your own work.
  2. Don’t use the model in any way that is not allowed by the terms of use.
  3. Don’t use the model for any offensive or inappropriate content.
  4. Don’t sell or distribute the model without the creator’s permission.
  5. Don’t use the model for any commercial purposes without the creator’s permission.