How to Add Props to VTuber Model (An Easy Way)

In this article, I will introduce you how to use VTuber Editor to add various props to your vtuber model. In VTuber Editor, you can add head, face, hand props to your vtuber model and make it more beautiful.

1. Download VTuber Editor on Steam

VTuber Editor is a professional VTuber avatar editing tool developed by Live3D company. It supports you to bring more creativity to your VTuber avatar by adding paintings, VRM props, VTuber backgrounds, 3D animations, and more.

The reviews of VTuber Editor on Steam is 'very positive', it is very easy to use and provides more than 100 kinds of preset props, you can upload your own vrm model and edit them.

2. Upload Your VRM Model

Open the VTuber editor, click the upload avatar button

then write your model name and upload your vrm file

edit blendshape and then upload

Wait for the progress bar to reach 100%

choose 'Don't edit'

3. Dress Up your VTuber Model

click 'Add new dress'

3.1 Add Head Prop to VTuber

As shown in the picture, I added a headset with cat ears to the girl, you can adjust the 3D coordinate axis of the face area to help the prop fit your model perfectly.

3.2 Add Eyes Prop to VTuber

Click on【Attachment point > Eyes】, I chose a pink glasses for my vtuber model

3.3 Add Mouth Prop to VTuber

Click on【Attachment point > Mouth】, I chose a face mask for my vtuber.

If the size of your prop does not match the model, you can slide the mouse wheel down and adjust the size

3.4 Add Neck Prop to VTuber

Adding a blue necklace to my vtuber model

3.5 Add Should Prop to VTuber

I added a cute little devil near her as a shoulder prop for my model

3.6 Add Back Prop to VTuber

I chose a beautiful blue butterfly wing as my back prop

3.7 Add Left Hand Prop to VTuber

I added a candy prop to my model on the left hand

3.8 Add Right Hand Prop

I added a mirror on her right hand as a prop

4. Check your VTuber Model's Dress

No VTuber dress before

After VTuber Editor dress

5. Use the New Model in VTuber Maker

Finally you can use the edited new model in VTuber Maker