The Ultimate Guide to Commission VRoid Model in 2023

What is VRoid Model?

VRoid Model is a kind of 3d model created by VRoid Studio that allows users to create 3D models of humanoid characters, including anime-style characters, in a simple and intuitive way. It is often used by VTubers to create their digital avatars. The software provides a wide range of customization options for facial features, hairstyles, clothing, and accessories. Additionally, users can also adjust the character’s body shape, posture, and expressions. The end result is a fully rigged and textured 3D model that can be exported to various file formats and used in different applications.

VRoid Studio Software

Why More and More People Choose VRoid Model as Their 3d VTuber Model?

VRoid Official Sample Models

VRoid Model is becoming increasingly popular as a 3D VTuber model for several reasons:

  1. Customizability: VRoid Model offers a wide range of customization options for users to create their own unique 3D characters, from facial features to body proportions to clothing and accessories. This level of control allows VTubers to better represent their online personas and stand out in a crowded field.
  2. Ease of use: VRoid Studio, the software used to create VRoid models, is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to beginners, even those without prior 3D modeling experience. The interface is intuitive and the controls are straightforward, making it easy for anyone to create their own VTuber model.
  3. High quality: Despite its ease of use, VRoid Model is capable of producing high-quality 3D models that rival those created by more complex and expensive software. The models are optimized for use in real-time applications like livestreaming, and can be exported in a variety of file formats to be used in other software as well.
  4. Affordability: Compared to hiring a professional 3D modeler to create a custom VTuber model, commissioning a VRoid model is generally much more affordable. The software itself is free to use, and while commissioning a model from a skilled artist will still require some investment, it’s often more cost-effective than other options.
  5. Community support: VRoid Model has a growing community of users and creators who share resources, offer tips and tutorials, and collaborate on projects. This makes it easier for new users to get started with the software and for experienced creators to continue improving their skills and sharing their work. Additionally, many VTuber agencies and groups are embracing VRoid models as a way to standardize their branding and create a sense of unity among their members.

How to Commission a VRoid Model Step by Step?

Commissioning a VRoid model for your VTuber persona can seem daunting, but with the right guidance, it can be a straightforward process. Here is a step-by-step guide to commissioning a VRoid model:

  • Find a VRoid model artist: The first step is to find a VRoid model artist who specializes in creating custom VRoid models. You can find artists on social media platforms like Twitter, DeviantArt, and Pixiv, or through freelance artist marketplaces like Fiverr.
Live3D Chief VRoid Model Artist's Artwork
Live3D Chief VRoid Model Artist's Artwork

This is the work of the vroid model designed by Live3D's chief 3D artist. If you like her work style, you can visit her vroid model commission homepage.

  • Discuss your needs: Once you find an artist, the next step is to discuss your needs and preferences for your VRoid model. You should discuss the character’s design, color scheme, outfit, and other details you want to incorporate.
  • Provide references: To help the artist understand your vision, it’s important to provide them with references. These can be images, videos, or any other media that showcases the style and design you’re looking for.
  • Agree on the terms: Before the artist begins work on your VRoid model, you should agree on the terms of the commission. This includes the timeline for completion, payment structure, and any revisions that may be necessary.
  • Review and provide feedback: Once the artist completes the VRoid model, they will send it to you for review. You should take the time to carefully review the model and provide any feedback or revisions you want.
  • Finalize the model: After any necessary revisions are made, you can finalize the VRoid model and receive the final files. Make sure to discuss the usage rights and ownership of the model with the artist before finalizing the commission.
Vtuber Model Display - Writingthewaves

You can ask the artist to provide three views of the model to check more details, just like this example VRoid commission .

How Much does it Cost to Commission a VRoid Model?

The cost of commissioning a VRoid model can vary depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the design, the experience of the artist, and the desired level of detail. Typically, commissioning a VRoid model from a professional artist can cost several hundred dollars or more.

However, some artists may offer more affordable options for simpler designs or may offer discounts for bulk orders. It’s important to discuss the cost and payment terms upfront with the artist to ensure that both parties are on the same page.

The Dos and Don’ts of VRoid Commissioning?


  1. Do provide detailed references and descriptions of what you want your VRoid model to look like.
  2. Do communicate clearly with your VRoid model artist and ask questions if you are unsure about anything.
  3. Do be open to suggestions and revisions from your VRoid model artist to ensure that you get the best possible result.
  4. Do set a realistic timeline for your project and communicate any deadlines or time constraints with your VRoid model artist.
  5. Do be respectful and professional in your interactions with your VRoid model artist.


  1. Don’t ask for or expect free work from your VRoid model artist. Be prepared to pay a fair price for their time and expertise.
  2. Don’t make unreasonable or overly complex requests that may be difficult or impossible for your VRoid model artist to fulfill.
  3. Don’t rush or pressure your VRoid model artist to complete your project before they are ready. Quality work takes time.
  4. Don’t be disrespectful or dismissive of your VRoid model artist’s opinions or suggestions.
  5. Don’t steal or use someone else’s VRoid model without their permission or proper credit.

Where is the Best Place to Commission VRoid Model?

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