In this article, I will introduce you how to use an AI text-to-animation tool to generate interesting vtuber animations. In VTuber Maker, you only need to enter a motion description text to create a unique vtuber animation.

1. Download VTuber Maker

VTuber Maker is a powerful VTuber content creation software that meet all your needs to be a 3d vtuber. It provides powerful tracking features, stable streaming tools and tons of avatar animations to make you stand out as a vtuber.

The software VTuber Maker was launched on steam on August 7, 2020, and has maintained a favorable rate of more than 90%. You can use vtuber maker as the starting point of your vtubing journey. You can download vtuber software for free on Live3D's official website or Steam.

2. Open VTuber Maker and Login

3. Use AI Text to Animation Feature

After opening the vtuber maker, click the two buttons on the right menu as shown in the figure

Input the animation prompt word you want to generate, and then click 'Generate' button.

For example, I want my avatar to walk around the room, so I typed 'walk around in a circle'

Each generated animation costs 5 credits, click 'continue'.

Wait for 1-2 minutes to generate an animation.

4. Use the Created Animation on Your Avatar

When the generation task is completed, a line of green text will appear on the interface, which prompts you to use animation in the 'My creation' tab.

Click on these GIF images and you can use them on your avatar

5. AI Text-to-Animation Example

Input 'Kick the air' prompt and here is the result

6. AI Text-to-Animation Prompt Guide

The table below shows prompts and the level of determined accuracy.

  • Successful Prompts can be considered one of High or Medium Accuracy. This means that the animation will need minimal work from an artist to make it production ready.
  • Incomplete Prompts can be considered anything of Low or N/A Accuracy. This means the generated animation is not close to production ready. No AI model is perfect! As we train the model further, this list will change.
Prompt Text Accuracy
Throw Ball High
Jumping Jacks High
A person kicks the air High
A person spins around clockwise High
A person waves their left hand above their head High
Soccer - kick ball High
Dribble Ball High
Tai Chi High
Moonwalk High
Baseball Pitch High
Walk in a Circle High
Bow High
Jump on one leg High
Squat High
Walk Backwards High
Walk High
Run High
Balance on one leg High
Swim Medium
Sit cross-legged Medium
Pushup Medium
Zombie March Medium
Handstand Medium
Stretch Medium
Yoga Medium
Walk Up Stairs Medium
Cartwheel Low
Praying Low
Crawl Low
Planting a Tree Low
Hand Shake Low
Lay Down Low
Walk Sideways Low
Marching Forward Low
Chicken Dance N/A
Macarena N/A
Salsa Dance N/A
Breakdance N/A
Swing N/A
Driving N/A
Boxing N/A
Frisbee N/A
Pull Heavy Object N/A
Curtsey N/A
Peekaboo N/A
Lunge N/A

7. Dos and Donts of Text-to-Animation Generators

  • Need to create the exact verb
  • Don't expect the animation to be completely accurate, there is no 100% accurate AI model.
  • Can't generate 3D props to go with animations

How to USE AI TEXT-to-Animation Generators