How to Use VTuber Face Tracking?

What is VTuber Face Tracking?

VTuber face tracking is a technology that enables the real-time tracking of facial movements and expressions of virtual YouTubers (VTubers) in videos or live streams. It uses computer vision and machine learning algorithms to detect and map the movements of the VTuber's facial features, such as the eyes, mouth, and eyebrows, onto a digital avatar in real-time. This allows the virtual avatar to mimic the expressions and movements of the VTuber's face, making the content more engaging and immersive for the audience. With VTuber face tracking technology, content creators can create dynamic and expressive virtual characters without the need for expensive motion capture equipment.

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What is Necessary for VTuber Face Tracking?

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To use VTuber face tracking technology, you typically need the following:

  1. A computer: You'll need a computer with a graphics card and a processor powerful enough to run the face tracking software and any other software you're using to create your content.
  2. A webcam: You'll need a webcam to capture your facial movements and expressions. A high-quality webcam is preferred to ensure accurate tracking.
  3. Face tracking software: There are many software options available for VTuber face tracking, ranging from free open-source programs to paid professional software. Some popular face tracking software options include VSeeFace, Facerig, and Live2D.
  4. A virtual avatar: You'll need a virtual avatar that will be controlled by your facial movements. You can create your own avatar or use pre-made ones provided by the face tracking software.

Except the necessary hardware devices, you must have a vtuber face tracking software.

Are There Some Free VTuber Face Tracking Softwares?

There are several free VTuber face tracking software available that you can use to create your own virtual avatar and control it with your facial expressions. Some popular options include:

  1. VTuber Maker - Best VTuber face tracking software that makes it easy to bring your VTuber avatar to life and level up your streaming within only one webcam.
  2. VSeeFace - A free and open-source VTuber face tracking software that uses machine learning to track facial expressions and movements. It supports custom 3D models and allows for customization of the virtual avatar's appearance and behavior.
  3. Luppet - A free and simple VTuber face tracking software that uses webcam input to control a virtual puppet. It has a user-friendly interface and supports real-time lip sync.
  4. PrprLive - A free and lightweight VTuber face tracking software that uses AI-powered face tracking technology. It supports custom avatars and allows for customization of the virtual avatar's appearance and behavior.

Best VTuber Face Tracking Software - VTuber Maker

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Use Face Tracking in VTuber Maker is super easy, just following this step:

  1. Download VTuber Maker in their website
  2. Register an account and login. 
  3. Open face tracking and then you can use it
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