What is AI VTuber? (9 FAQ About AI VTuber)

AI vtuber Neuro-sama

What is AI VTuber?

An AI VTuber is a virtual content creator who utilizes artificial intelligence technology to generate their content. They use virtual avatars or characters and often employ AI algorithms to animate their movements, expressions, and speech.

AI VTubers take this concept a step further by utilizing AI algorithms to generate their virtual avatars' movements, expressions, and speech. These avatars are often anime-style characters that are animated in real-time or pre-rendered. The AI technology allows the characters to interact with the audience, respond to comments or questions, and even perform activities like playing games or singing.

Who is the First AI VTuber?

Neuro-sama is the first AI vtuber

Neuro-sama is the first AI female VTuber who first debuted on Twitch on December 19, 2022 after four years of development. Her speech and personality are generated by an artificial intelligence (AI) system which utilizes a large language model, allowing her to communicate with viewers in a live chat.

Who Created the first AI VTuber?

Neuro-sama was created by a computer programmer and AI developer named Jack Vedal, who decided to build upon the concept of an AI Vtuber by combining interactions between AI gameplay and a computer-generated avatar. According to social bio, vedal is a senior programmer and a hacker. You can learn more about Vedal and Neuro-sama by following their social accounts.

Are AI VTubers Completely Autonomous or Humans Control Them?

Completely autonomous. AI VTubers can indeed be programmed to operate autonomously without direct human control. Through the use of AI algorithms, motion capture technology, and real-time animation, AI VTubers can generate movements, expressions, and even engage in conversations without constant human intervention.

Neuro-sama and other vtuber's livestream

How are AI VTuber Created?

Neuro-sama is an AI VTuber developed by Jack Vedal. She was originally created to play the rhythm game osu! and, from the looks of it, uses the Live2D Hiyori Momose sample model for her body. The voice of the VTuber is provided by text-to-speech software.

According to the information in an interview by jack vedal, we can basically conclude that he uses these techniques in AI vtubers:

  • Live2D Avatar: Neuro-sama's Live2D avatar is Momose Hiyori
  • VTube Studio: The VTuber software that used in stream
  • Deep Learning: Deep learning endows AI avatar with the ability to understand viewers chats in stream. It uses large text database training to enable AI vtuber to have the ability to understand and answer questions.
  • TTS(text to speech): Deep learning can give AI vtuber the ability to output text, but the technology that really allows AI vtuber to speak is text to speech. This allows AI vtuber to talk to live audiences like normal people

【Vedal's Interview】Neuro sama's New Model, and the AI System behind her

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How does AI VTuber Interact with the Audiences?

AI VTubers may use various AI algorithms and techniques to enhance their interactivity and behavior. This can include natural language processing (NLP) to understand and respond to user inputs, machine learning to improve avatar movement, and AI-based chatbots for real-time interactions.

Why is Neuro-sama Banned by Twitch?

On January 11, 2023, the Twitch channel received a temporary ban for unspecified "hateful conduct", likely stemming from controversial statements made by the AI, including skepticism surrounding the validity of the Holocaust during a stream.

On that day's stream, she began by making some kind of vague calculations, saying, “Maximum of 8 bullets a magazine (10) then reload quickly (2) maximum 3 magazines (30),” before continuing nonstop, bluntly saying, “which means that I can shoot 30 bullets every 20 seconds which means I can shoot a total of 900 bullets in 5 minutes which means if I continue to shoot for 3 hours that I would have enough bullets to kill 450 people.”

The channel was unbanned on January 25, 2023 and quickly surpassed 100,000 followers.

Is AI VTuber Legal?

Yes, AI VTubers are generally allowed on Twitch, provided they comply with the platform's terms of service and community guidelines. Twitch has a diverse content creator community, including AI VTubers, who use virtual avatars and AI technology to generate their content.

However, it's important for AI VTubers on Twitch to adhere to the platform's guidelines, which include rules on appropriate content, copyright infringement, harassment, and privacy. AI VTubers should ensure that their streams and interactions meet Twitch's standards and respect the rights and privacy of others.

How to Be or Make an AI VTuber?

Making an AI vtuber is an extremely complicated work. According to Vedal's experience, you must meet the following conditions:

  • You are a senior computer programmer
  • You can master the cutting-edge AI technology and apply it to the skilled vtuber field
  • Can you have enough energy and persistence to complete this work, you know, Vedal took 4 years

If you are not good at computer programming technology, then I recommend you to use a vtuber software that also uses AI technology - VTuber Maker, it can help you quickly become a vtuber.

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