VTuber Maker

More new features and resources will be launched regularly.
Create a more professional VTuber tool. Provide better service for vtubers.

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V1.7.1 (Newest)

In this version, hand tracking has been re-optimized, and the recognition function is more stable and powerful:
Optimize the recognition accuracy of hand tracking, you can also use hand tracking to interact with the balloon effect of the "interaction tool" in the software;
Optimize UI display related issues.

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1. Support custom settings for special effects corresponding to the value of bits, to help you get more revenue in the twitch live;
2. Support for fans to automatically output thank you text to the chat bar after spending bits;
3. Support more slots, allowing you to set more special effects on twitch extensions for fans to use, there is always a fan favorite;
4. Allows to customize the flow through VE and import the extension panel with one click, providing a unique experience.

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1. Supports playback of cooler pose actions;
PS: For more interesting poses, go to VTuber Gallery :Anime Pose experience.
2. Optimize the trigger of interactive props gun effect.

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1. Add new interactive props (Gun) and adjustable special effects;
2. Fixed the problem that some flow are not displayed in picture-in-picture.

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1. Support VRM model to use quick action expressions;
2. Expansion of "Children's Day" related resources;
3. Function optimizations such as Flow and Twitch extensions.

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1. New dynamic background * 1:
- Moon Night City;
2.Twitch Flow feature iteration:
- Flow increases the choice of avatar, you can customize the special effects suitable for your own avatar;
- Special effects can be bound to the body position of the avatar.

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1. VTuber Maker supports in-steam subscriptions;
2. Flow supports trigger by hotkey;
3. New function:
- body rotation tracking;
4. Avatar new default paint * 8;
5. New props * 1.

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