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How to Turn Your Ideas Into 3D Model Art?

Our AI 3D model maker can produce 3D designs in just three simple steps.

  1. 1
    Type your text in demo

    Describe any details of the 3D design you want

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    Choose one type of image

    We have realistic, anime, retro, and other styles for you to choose from.

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    Leave everything to AI

    All we need to do now is wait, our AI will generate the 3D design you want in a few seconds.


Samples of AI-Generated 3D Model Designs

AI 3D Model Maker enables 3D content creation for everyone.

3D Pet Model

3D Pet Model

3D Character Model

3D Character Model

3D Food Model

3D Food Model

3D Prop Model

3D Prop Model

3D Architecture Model

3D Architecture Model

3D Product Model

3D Product Model


What are the Features of Best AI 3D Model Generator?

Create 3D Models from Text by AI

The AI 3D Model Maker can quickly produce flawless 3D visual models based on your simple descriptions. This entire process is not only fast and efficient but also yields stunning and diverse results, sure to ignite your creative inspiration.

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Create 3D Models from Text by AI

Make 3D Model Character

Bring your characters to life with AI-generated 3D model character images.
Simply provide the character's appearance details, and our AI 3D Model Maker will transform them into lifelike 3D character model images, enabling you to explore more creativity in your 3D modeling endeavors.

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Make 3D Model Character

Quickly Generate Product Prototypes

Revolutionize your product design process with AI 3D model images. Whether you're developing new electronics, furniture, vehicles, or any physical item, our AI 3D Model Maker can help you find inspiration faster and swiftly bring your entire product concept to life through 3d model visualization.

Try to maker 3d model visualization >>

Quickly Generate Product Prototypes

Generate Realistic Character

In addition to generating 3D model art or AI anime characters, we can also generate hyper realistic characters. Simply select a hyper realistic model, enter your prompt words, and the real characters will be presented to you

Try to generate realistic character >>

Realistic character

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More Gameplay - Want to be VTuber?

Do you want your 3D model to come to life? With just a camera, you can control a 3D model and not only engage in virtual video meetings with friends but also become a Vtuber for live streaming. Don't miss out on this exciting experience – give it a try now!

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AI 3D Model Maker FAQs

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

1. Click the "Make 3D Model" button to get started with the Online AI 3D Model Maker Playground

2. Enter a detailed description of the AI 3D model you want in the prompt input box. Provide as much detail as possible about the category, shape, material, etc. for the AI 3D Model Maker to generate 3D model images through AI that closely match your expectations.

3. Click the "Generate" button and wait a moment. 

4. Finally, click the download icon to save your own AI 3D model.
Of course, the 3D model images generated by our AI have reached a professional level and can be used as a reference for modeling, not limited to product prototype applications.
Currently, our AI 3D Model Maker has no limit, covering a wide range of 3d model types such as characters, industrial products, architecture, environments, and more. There's practically nothing we can't create, so don't hesitate to give it a try and let your imagination soar!
You can use it as a reference for 3D modeling, and also use and share the 3D model images on websites, mobile apps, social media, and advertisements. You can also use them as previews for virtual environments and products for team discussions and client presentations. The 3D model images themselves can serve as sharable digital assets.
Rest assured, the AI 3D Model Maker is completely free of charge and continues to upgrade its capabilities over time.
Of course, first of all, through our VTuber Gallery software, create various pose images of her. Then, through our AI 3D model maker, generate various art photos for him, including background and clothing replacement.