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AI Photo Filter: Portrait to Anime

Want to quickly generate a cute anime avatar for your portrait or selfie? Our free AI filter is your perfect solution. With AI filter, you can effortlessly transform your favorite selfies into visually captivating anime artworks in seconds.

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4 kinds of woman portrait after AI photo filter

Anything Can be Converted into Art

Can you believe it? Even any picture can be converted into an AI art painting. Yes, this is the magic of AI filters, whether it is a portrait of a person, a selfie photo or any picture, you can use AI filter to transform it into a stunning art painting in seconds. Come and experience the magical power of AI filter.

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Cola and cat image after AI filter

AI Cartoon Filter for Landscape

Experience the magic of our AI Cartoon Filter, now available for landscapes! Transform ordinary scenery into extraordinary, whimsical artworks with just a click. Let your imagination run wild as vibrant colors and playful details bring your landscapes to life in a captivating cartoon style. Unleash your creativity and watch as your favorite outdoor photos undergo a stunning metamorphosis, turning into visually enchanting masterpieces that evoke joy and wonder. Dive into a world where reality meets fantasy with our AI Cartoon Filter for landscapes.

Transform Landscape with AI Cartoon Filter >>

AI cartoon filter for landscape

AI Sketch Filter: Art to Sketch Image

Our AI Filter boasts powerful capabilities, instantly turning images into sketches. It enables you to quickly grasp the artistic structure of an image, enhancing your ability to learn drawing and composition effectively.

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use AI filter to generate a sketch

100% Safe and Privacy

Feel confident in using our free AI filter, as it prioritizes your privacy by not collecting any user information. You can enjoy its functionality without worrying about privacy issues.

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AI anime character

How to Use AI Filter Step by Step?

1. Open Live3D free AI filter
2. Upload the image you want to transform
3. Write down the picture description you want
4. Click 'submit' and generate a anime style picture

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How to Use AI Filter Step by Step?

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Live3D AI Filter FAQs

An AI filter refers to a filter that utilizes AI algorithms to analyze and modify images, enhancing their appearance or applying specific artistic effects. These filters leverage machine learning techniques to understand the content of an image and make adjustments based on predefined patterns or rules.

Our AI filter not only can transform images into anime-style artwork but also perform line segmentation. It can also effectively adjust the brightness and contrast of images in different lighting conditions.

Of course, there are plenty more creative possibilities to explore. Feel free to come and discover them!
We currently support the following types of AI filters:
1. AI portrait filter
2. AI Photo Filter
3. AI cartoon filter
4. AI landscape filter
5. AI sketch filter

In the future, there are plans to support more different types of AI filters
In summary, the benefits of using AI filters in photo editing include:
1. Automated enhancement of image quality, including color, lighting, and details.
2. Adjustment of image styles for enhanced aesthetics and visual impact.
3. Rendering the original lines of the image, facilitating learning of artistic composition and structure.
4. A more convenient AI filter image management tool.

Our AI filter offers many other advantages, and we welcome both professionals and amateurs to explore them.
1. First open Live3D AI filter online
2. Upload the image and type your text
3. Choose one anime model and click "generate" button
4. waiting for your anime picture generation
Of course, Live3D's AI filter is totally free.