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Peep into the daily private life photos of your virtual girlfriend through the AI girlfriend generator, and chat with her ambiguously until you satisfy your deepest desires.

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What does Our Best AI Girlfriend Generator offer to fulfill your needs?

Chat with Real Dream Girlfrend

our AI combines the most cutting-edge large language models to make the virtual girlfriend smarter and more energetic. Just choose one of our existing AI girlfriends and have an immersive and interactive conversation with our AI girlfriend generator.

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Explore Daily Photo Sharing for AI Girlfriends

Interested in viewing sexy selfies from your AI girlfriend? Give our AI girlfriend generator a try! Just express your desires to our AI generator, and it will instantly create sensual selfies – whether on bed, on street , or even in external settings like the beach. Come enjoy the beautiful photos and ignite your fantasies.

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Satisfying Your Curiosity About An Anime Waifu

Want to have multiple girlfriends? Try our AI girlfriend generator, it provides various styles of girlfriends, and you have complete control, she will do whatever you want her to do. Everything from real to anime style.

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Create AI Girlfriend Image with Special Pose Whatever You Like

Generate girlfriend images from prompt with AI

Would you like to customize your own AI girlfriend? With just a few simple prompts, our AI generator can instantly create a one-of-a-kind girlfriend for you, no technical skills required. Not only does she have a unique personality, but our AI can also automatically generate a series of custom photos. Come and personalize your own sexy girlfriend portraits now!

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Generate girlfriend from prompts with AI

Not Just Chat! There are More Features...

We plan to introduce more features to AI girlfriend generator. These following features are all under development.

generating candid photos

Voice conversation

Create Own AI girlfriend

Immersive and intimate interaction

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Live3D AI Girlfriend Generator FAQs

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

The AI Girlfriend Generator is a tool that utilizes AI to automatically generate girlfriends with distinct personalities. Not only can you engage in meaningful conversations with her, but you can also receive her daily sensual photos. Come and experience the authenticity of an online girlfriend.
Absolutely! Just input key prompts, and you can customize the distinct personality of your AI girlfriend. Coupled with our image generator, you can rapidly generate her daily life photos. Currently in the testing phase, not fully open yet. If you want to experience it, please get in touch with us.
At the moment, no. This is a testing version, and the AI only comprehends the current conversation. If you wish to engage in continuous communication, allowing the AI to understand past interactions, you will need to access our full version. Please contact us for further details.
Of course, Live3D's AI girlfriend generator is totally free.
Yes, we will be introducing more types of AI girlfriends, extending the storage for longer chat records, adding voice capabilities, and implementing an intimacy system, among other exciting features. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Feel free to contact us for more information.
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