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[ VTuber ] [ Editor ]

Vtuber Maker


For Individuals

Virtual Avatar
Face Expression Capture
Head Motion Capture

Virtual Camera for meeting
Webcam-based Capture
Rendering & Light Effect

Limited Commercial Use*

Download on steam


Coming soon
For Professionals

GUI Editor
Flexible Animations
Customizable Panel

Create Advanced Behaviors
Customize Scene Effect
Upload Characters
Customize Own Avatar

Coming soon

* Limited Commercial Use

VTuber Maker
It can be used for free for limited commercial use. This includes video, live broadcast or marketing, etc.
We believe that it is of commercial significance if it brings you more than $3,000 in revenue a year. If you are under this threshold revenue you can use it for free, or you need to contact us.

Live3D Pro [Legacy]
It is another old & legacy product, different from VTuber Maker. The legacy software, which is released on steam , has more advanced and complex functions, only used for existed legacy users.

Only Interested Live3D Pro [Legacy] ?

5$/Per month, for existed legacy functions.

More Business

Meet our Live3D Technology.

Email :
or contact us with QQ: 414669952


For Specialist Team


Coming soon

Our specialist team design high-quality avatars, tune fine models and behaviors for your customizing requirements and commercial copyright use.

Enterprise Requirements

For Specialist Team


Neuron Hardwares
Customizing Model Design
Fully Commercial Use Allowed
Modeling & Tweaking
Human Supporting
... ...