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Simply upload a photo, even a selfie, and our AI filter will transport you into the world of manga.

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What Features Does Our Top AI Manga Filter Offer?

Create Manga Character from Text

With our AI manga generator, creating unique manga characters is a breeze, all thanks to simple text. You don't need any drawing skills, our AI manga generator does all the work. Come and discover how incredibly easy it is!

Create Manga Character From Simple Text >>

prompt to manga character

Convert Portraits to Manga in Seconds

With Live3D's AI manga filter, transforming your favorite selfies or portraits into visually stunning manga creations is effortless. Immerse yourself in the delight of exploring a fresh perspective on yourself or your loved ones with just a few clicks.

Convert Portrait to a Manga Image>>

AI anime filter effect of woman portrait

Explore a lot of Manga Styles

Swiftly transforming objects into your favorite manga style is an immensely delightful experience. Our AI manga filter offers over 20 popular manga styles, enabling you to instantly convert anything into manga without the need for any drawing tools. From your beloved pets to your selfies, whatever you can imagine, our AI can transform.

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AI manga pictures

Generate Various Postures for Anime Boys

In addition to converting images into manga, our AI manga filter can also change various postures of characters, such as standing, sitting, lying down, and even their environment.

Change the pose of characters in images now >>

AI anime character

How to Turn a Real Photo into Manga Using Our AI Manga Filter?

With just 3 simple steps, you can uncover the magical transformation of photos into manga through AI.

  1. 1
    Upload the image or type text

    Just a few prompts or an uploaded photo is all you need, let AI Manga Filter take care of the rest.

  2. 2
    Choose one anime model

    Our AI manga filter boasts a vast array of anime models, capable of achieving various transformative effects.

  3. 3
    Waiting for your anime image Generation

    Just wait a few seconds and you'll get the effect you want.

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Online AI Manga Filter FAQ

As we all know, manga is a Japanese term for a style of comic books and graphic novels that originated in Japan but has gained global popularity.
It is usually known for its unique artistic style, while also featuring black and white illustrations and expressive affairs.
Now, our AI manga filter can transform any image into a charming Manga style, enhancing its appeal and vitality, just like Manga did with its unique art.
An AI manga filter is a Live3D‘s AI tool that uses AI to transform images into manga artworks. It employs advanced machine learning and algorithms to analyze and adjust images, requiring no prior drawing knowledge or image editing skills.
Our AI manga filter is widely embraced by anime enthusiasts, artists, and social media users who enjoy experimenting with various visual styles and turning their photos into unique manga creations.
Using an AI manga filter offers several advantages, including quick and effortless photo conversion into manga-style artwork, accessibility to individuals of all artistic backgrounds, time-saving automation, consistent manga aesthetics, creative experimentation, and enhanced social media appeal.
In fact, our AI manga filter supports the transformation of various types of images. This includes portraits, photos of people, landscapes, and various other styles of pictures. You can even directly alter an animated illustration through prompts. The creative possibilities are limitless, and our free AI manga filter are ready for you to discover.
1. First open Live3D AI manga filter
2. Upload the image you want to transform
3. Write down the picture description you want to generate in the prompt
4. Click 'submit' and generate a manga style picture
Of course, Live3D's AI manga filter is totally free.
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