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What vtuber software suite does live3d provide?

Best VTuber Software Suite that You Need to Become a VTuber

Best 3D VTuber Software Introduction

VTuber Maker | Bring VTuber Avatar To Life

1. Fast, high quality face tracking
2. Rich public 3D VTuber avatars
3. Creative VTuber interactive effects
4. Obs virtual camera for streaming
5. High resolution, high vtuber live streaming quality
6. Smooth hand tracking via webcam or other device, leap motion, etc
7. Twitch Extension that enhances your stream interaction

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VTuber Editor | Professional VRM Model Editor

1. Loading your own VRM models, VTuber backgrounds.
2. Get your custom VTuber avatars& animations.
3. Edit your VRM models by adding props, paints, backgrounds
4. Customize 3D animations, avatar emotes, sticker effects, dance moves etc
5. Rich VTuber assets(backgrounds,overlays,paints,etc)
6. All you need to be a professional VTuber creator

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VTuber Gallery : Anime Pose | Cute Anime Pose Reference

1. Rich anime poses, such as jojo pose, hero pose
2. Strike a pose with your own VTuber avatars or VRM models
3. Professional Pose Edit to make pose easy
4. Using it as cute Anime Pose Reference Drawing, VTuber poses, anime posters or illustrations

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VTuber Extension | Level Up VTuber Livestream

1. Customize Creative Virtual Effects
2. Change stream sticker for VTuber
3. Play VTuber Flows & emotes in Stream
4. Drive Engagement and Earn Bits

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What kind of vtuber resources does live3d provide?

The #1 Richest VTuber Models & VTuber Assets

These are all the resources you need to become a vtuber.

What are the advantages of Live3D's VTuber Softwares

Using our 3d software to join thousands of satisfied VTuber Creators.

Rich VTuber Model& VTuber Assets

We are committed to meeting the needs of all VTuber creators. If you don't have your own avatar, that's okay. We have so many VTuber models and vtuber assets for you. This can't be seen in other vtuber software.

Advanced Facial& Hand Tracking

We have the most accurate face tracking and hands tracking technology. With just a camera, it helps you map expressions and interact with vtuber avatar.

Highly Customizable VTuber Editor

Using our vtuber editor tool, you can upload custom vrm models and edit your vtuber model freely. Bring your avatar to life by adding vtuber suits, dresses, paint, posts, animations. You can also enjoy the free vtuber resources we provide, there is always a set for you.

Unique VTuber Interactive Tool

We have a unique twitch extension(Virtual Effects) that helps you play virtual effects and animation of your own vtuber avatar. Streamer can also earn bits to increase their revenue.

Continuously Updated VTuber Resources

All our content will be continuously updated frequently, usually 1 time a week. You can always enjoy the latest vtuber resources here.

Reliable and Stable Service

For personal virtual creators, you can use vtuber software suite for FREE. The functions and resources are all easy to use for vtubers, with just one computer and a virtual camera.

Become a VIP to unlock more customized services.

Customize avatar, animation or effects? VTuber Editor for you!

Want to learn more about Live3D? Here is it.

Happy Customers

Join thousands of satisfied customers using our template globally.

It's very easy to use, and an excellent way to try out Vtubing! The free avatars are quite varied, and they're all unique in their own ways ♥ There are even shortcut keys for simple things like waving, thumbs-up, frowning, etc!

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VTuber Maker - Excellent webcam content creation software.
In the program, you can create your character, but you will need to download an additional character editor. Or use the suggested character.
The character will repeat facial expressions and movements. you can also replace the background. You only need a webcam to use it.
I recommend to use.

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This software is really good for tracking your face and, if you have the equipment, hands. It's really easy to figure out how it works, with uploading your own models using Vtuber Editor it makes the tracking software (Vtuber Maker) very slim and user friendly And if you need help with anything you can ask for help from anyone who use the software.

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Why is Live3D the best Vtuber Software?

Where is the advantage of live3d, now I will answer it for you!

1. About Live3D

Live3D is the best VTuber Software Suite for you to become a VTuber, dedicated to building fun VTuber avatars and engaging animations with VTuber Maker.

In fact, Live3d, a group of artists and engineers, is committed to building the world's top Vtubers creative platform. They have provided services for more than one million Vtubers, Streamers, YouTubers, and artists. There is a complete Vtuber software suite, including Vtuber maker, Vtuber editor, Vtuber Gallery, to teach you how to be a Vtuber and how to make a vtuber avatar. A large number of Vtuber have gained millions of fans with Their help. Otherwise, there is a huge team of artists to provide professional services that commission Vtuber model and streaming resources you want.
Live3D provides vtuber software suite and custom vtuber models commission service. We have four products: VTuber Maker, VTuber Editor, VTuber Gallery, VTuber Extension. We also help people commission their custom vtuber model, you can see all our products in vtuber studio.
Our basic features are free, but if you need more advanced features, you can subscribe to a package that suits you.
VTuber Creator is also called VTuber avatar maker. The accurate explanation should be VTuber model creator.
It can help us make vtuber avatars, provided you learn 3D modeling knowledge. The more excellent software are Blender, Maya, VTuber Editor, VRoid Studio and so on.

Follow us and you can quickly become a VTuber avatar maker.
1) You can export the basic VRM models through VRoid Studio, then combine with VTuber Editor to equip this avatar with more props, paint. So you can get an exclusive virtual avatar.

2) You can directly use our public avatar, and then give him a different shape through VTuber Editor, such as adding paint, modifying colors, or adding props, so that you can also get your own exclusive avatar.

3) We provide VTuber models commission service, which can quickly create an exclusive VTuber models for you. Click on VTuber Models Commission for details.
We focus on enhancing the product experience for three reasons.
The first is to improve the performance of the vtuber software. In technical architecture, use and editing are separated, and the proportion of local computer memory resources is greatly reduced. The live broadcast resource editing in VTuber Editor and the live broadcast effect display in VTuber Maker are suitable for various VTuber avatar makers. We want to provide you with lightweight software that is easy to use;

The second is to adopt a sandbox ecological software layout, so that players can create and play for VTuber creators in our software, and build a software ecological service circle around virtual images.

The third is that we are committed to creating an amazing platform for VTubers, not limited to one product, including the VTuber Gallery : Anime Pose, which can bring more avatar anime posters or cute anime pose reference to VTuber for sharing on social platforms. There is also DEPT: Desktop Pet Engine, which can be searched on steam at present, can bring a lot of small avatars in the live streaming, similar to shimeji app, stream avatar software.
So stay tuned.
Yes, we focus on providing 3d model services. Our team has also made a choice between the two, but in the end we chose 3d, because the effect of 3d models on emotional expression and body language will be far more than 2d. We also believe that a professional Vtuber will definitely use a 3d model that suits him. Do you want to know how to make vtuber model? We have a professional team of artists to help you make the 3d Vtuber model you want.
Of course, we've always had plans for this, but since the Apple Store is so strict about facial capture reviews, our Vtuber app is actually under review. Once the store is online, we will notify you as soon as possible.
Maintain a two-week iteration of a major version, and an optimization update of a small version a week. In addition, we update the built-in resources from time to time, including vtuber avatar, scenes, widgets and decorations. We have been working hard with lots of vtuber avatar makers and vtuber creators to make your live broadcast room more lively and interesting.
Live3D is the best VTuber Software Suite for you to become a VTuber, dedicated to building fun VTuber avatars and engaging animations. It has published a series of products, such as VTuber Maker, VTuber Editor, VTuber Gallery : Anime pose, twitch extension - Virtual Effects | VTuber, and served almost one million Virtual YouTubers worldwide.

Speaking of Facerig, currently Facerig has been removed from the market. Their developers have created Animaze and Animaze editor, which are similar to our model at present, but Live3D provide more free editing ability and more accurate face tracking technology.

Vseeface is also currently an open source VTuber software, which mainly uses OpenSeeFace (Free and open source) for face capture. Compared with our professional tracking, there will still be a significant gap. Especially in dark or bright environments, our accuracy, stability, and low cpu consumption will be stronger than Vseeface. Secondly, we also provide a rich resource library. After all, we have a large number of artists.And Vseeface only provides basic functions for VTubers.

VTube Studio currently focuses on 2d VTuber models, which can better present the performance of 2d avatar. Like Vseeface, VTube Studio also uses openseeface, an open source surface capture technology. Comparing 2d and 3d VTuber avatars, there are too many differences here. For example, the 3d VTuber avatar, which can quickly do various animations, rotate, etc., is more flexible and vivid.

Comparing the three VTuber apps, Live3D has a more elegant and much simpler design and methodology, has a better technology & creative experience with a much cheaper cost.

With our solid engineer team and our professional art team, Live3D is definitely the best technology and choice for virtual VTubers, avatars, creators, studios, and enterprises.
Live3D official service channels are very responsible, 24 hours online answering questions, the first time to help users solve usage problems. The channels for seeking help include discord community, reddit community, steam community, email support, and QQ support!

2. About Vtuber

This is obviously a complex issue.
1. You should first have some hardware equipment, such as a personal PC with intel i5 and at least 8GB RAM, a camera with good enough performance.

2. Install the Vtuber maker software on steam or this website, it contains a large number of free models for you to use, and includes professional tracking of facial and body movements.

3. you have to know how to make a vtuber. The answer is creating your private virtual avatar, Live3d has a professional artist team to provide such services. Of course, you can also make it through Vroid if you have professional software operation ability.

4. push to your live stream via Vtuber maker
First of all, we have to admit that 3d models are more complex than 2d models.

2D model is a plane, it cannot rotate 360 degrees, and can only perform limited body movements.
3d models are modeled in a three-dimensional environment. Skin and clothing are rendered in real -time. The 3d models tend to have better expressiveness.

3. How to use Vtuber software

Live3D offers a range of products to bring your avatar to life.
You can render your avatar in high quality with VTuber Maker, and control your avatar flexibly with face tracking. You can use the VTuber Editor to rig your avatars, add props to them, and add paint. You can use VTuber Gallery : Anime Pose to make your own pose posters for social distribution.
So, combined with our VTuber Software Suite like Live3D, you can quickly become a virtual youtuber. Comimg and show your avatar to your friends.
It supports accurate facial capture and LeapMotion motion capture. On the real-time capture technology, your vtuber avatar can interpret and perform like a real person. Also ,it can apply to game living, talent shows, virtual presentations, etc. If you need to use full body motion capture, please contact us, and we could provide you with a complete solution for vtuber creators.
Very simple, you just need VTuber Editor software like VTuber avatar maker or VTuber model creator.

First, you can upload your own VRM models, which are made by VRoid Studio. Then, you can quickly perform secondary editing, such as adding props, painting, and modifying colors.

If you don't have a VRM model, don't worry, you can use our public VTuber avatars, and then perform secondary editing.

Of course, if you want to customize an exclusive 3d avatar (VTuber model), we support VTuber Models Commission service to design your own virtual YouTuber according to your requirements. Click on VTuber Model Commission for details.
For vtuber model creator, we provide various types of virtual YouTubers to choose , without having to spend money to make 3D vtuber avatar. In addition, support for custom uploading of 3d models, support for adding decorations to virtual avatar, and use the brush tool to graffiti the characters;
Are the characters' movements dull and dull? We provide rich quick-actions. If these actions cannot meet your needs, you can also make your favorite action animations in VTuber Editor, which will automatically be used in VTuber Maker for vtuber creators in real time.
In addition, to make your live broadcast room richer, we provide great backgrounds and small Widget elements. You can dress up at will according to your live broadcast content and experience the fun of DIY.
Virtual presentation is one of the special features of VTuber Maker. If you need to share your content online, for VTuber avatar maker it supports importing PowerPoint, pictures, videos, PDFs and other files and presenting them in the eyes of your audience.
It is suitable for online education, online meeting sharing and other live broadcast scenarios to make your work more efficient.
VTuber Gallery: Anime Pose is dedicated to anime pose reference. It offers a lot of anime poses, such as Jojo Pose, Hero Pose, etc. You can strike an anime pose quickly with your own avatar as cute anime pose reference, VTuber pose, anime posters or illustrations.

Who should be recommended:
1. People who draw or are learning to draw;
2. People who want to learn human posture;
3. VTubers who want to pose their avatar for anime pose, anime poster or illustrations.

4. About Live3D VTuber Resource

We provide 14 kinds of vtuber assets: hat, prop, interactive, horn, headset, glass, hair, beard, face assets, neck assets, wing, hand assets, mascot, tail.
We provide 40+ vtuber models, 100+ vtuber assets, 50+ vtuber animations, 40+ vtuber backgrounds.
Sure, any kind vtuber asset both have free choice.

Application platform

You can use our VTuber software on platforms.

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