What are the requirements to be a game anchor like pokimane?

By otterzhang@gmail.com July 2, 2021

How to make money through game streaming

It is undeniable that everyone has been scolded by parents for playing video games back in childhood, parents always take playing video games as a symptom of doing nothing. But nowadays, game anchors have become a high-paying profession, there are loans of enterprises that have involved in e-sports by forming their team, participate in the host of the game by video-game-companies or flighting with players from other countries. As a result, the popularity and wealth of players have increased dramatically.

But after all, there are only a few people who can compete in professional e-sports. The vast majority of people regard game live streaming as a way to make money and make friends with their hobbies, attract fans in the live broadcast through their superb technology, and use fan gifts or platform signing as a way of income conversion. Do not think boys are the majority of game anchors, female players are also the head of the electronic sports industry.

The game anchor career of pokimane

Pokimane is an outstanding female game anchor. She has more than 8 million followers on Twitch only. However, her career did not go well at the beginning. In September of last year, people start to be picky about her appearance after she became famous. These annoyed her when she was living. More than that, sometimes the duration of Pokimane’s live streaming is beyond 6 hours ,and live streaming require adjusting the light source and embellish her make up, it‘s too tired .

I believe that netizens who have experience in makeup will have experience of the hard work behind this. Makeup consumed pokimane's too much energy, so she began to try to keep her face in the live broadcast, and then she found that this would lose her up to 20% of her fans. So, she cooperated with the artist Teru,he made her image into a 3D virtual model and used her avatar to meet the audience during the live broadcast. The pokimane using the avatar reduced her psychological burden during the live broadcast. According to her own words, when people comment on the virtual pokimane, it feels like it has nothing to do with her, and she can let others say what they want. It also eliminates the trouble of changing clothes and makeup, reducing a lot of pre-live preparation , and reducing the burden of her work.

Pokimane's inspiration for anchors across the network

After Pokimane used the virtual character, although it has also been criticized by some anime enthusiasts that this is not a real VTuber, after all, Pokimane is a head game anchor, and her behavior has also made more people know of the virtual anchor. According to the production The level of the artist and the exquisiteness of the work, the price of a VTuber model ranges from US$500 to US$2500. Although it is expensive to build, the virtual model allows the anchor to avoid others' evaluation of his appearance, body shape, etc., but to focus on the content of the live broadcast, which can create a more harmonious network environment. Not only that also eliminates the need for the layout environment. The work of cleaning the room will not lead to a lack of affinity due to the lack of face during the live broadcast. The virtual model will be a useful tool, especially for those who do not want to show their faces but also want to give the audience a sense of intimacy and presence. While, many people are just small anchors who don't want to spend so much money to make models, and some people just try the function of virtual characters during the live broadcast. What should I do? VTuber Maker can solve these problems.

VTuber Maker is a Live streaming software dedicated to Live streaming, face capture and on-stage interaction. It doesn't require much operation. You just download and install the software on Steam, and after registering successfully, you can start your own virtual Live streaming tour. Not only can you choose from a variety of characters and animals, but you can even modify your appearance, decorations and movements. All you need is a computer with a camera, and VTuber Maker will help you bring home your virtual hosts.

What features does VTuber Maker have?

All kinds of images

More than 20 characters, all with their own names and personalities, are sure to have one you like. If not, you can make your own image and upload it. Go to Vtuber Maker to discover the hidden feature.

High-precision Facial Capture

For VTuber, only one camera is needed, and you can accurately Facial Capture High-performance, high-sensitivity facial capture technology, even in bright or dim environments.Please ensure that the computer's built-in camera or external camera is working properly. If it does not work, please do a test and check.

Audio based lipsync

What to do if you don’t have a webcam, don’t worry, we also provide professional voice tracking, which can also achieve the great anthropomorphic effect.

Multiple roles on the same stage

If a character is too monotonous, Vtuber Maker lets you lead a team of three on your own. In the latest version of VTuber Maker,multiple people acting on the same stage makes the visual effect of live broadcast more abundant.

Here are some tips to help you make better use of VTuber Maker

Some people may say, I am a computer green hand, how to do not operate? Don't worry, it's a question that the Live 3D team has considerate. If you meet some problem, you can get in touch with Live 3D group in the following ways:



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