Vtubing is changing the world!

What is VTubing

Vtubing is an increasingly popular way of streaming entertainment content, replacing anchors to broadcast live on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. Vtubing uses personalized anime avatars. When viewers watch the live broadcast, they see the anime avatar talking, performing, and greeting, instead of the person who actually controls it.

The person who controls the Virtual avatar (usually through face, head, and motion capture) is behind, and the intellectual property (and source of income) of the Virtual avatar is generally the company behind it. But more often, well-known personal anchors are creating their own vtuber personality and expanding the range of entertainment they provide.

Since its introduction in Japan, vtubing has quickly become popular around the world. The rise of vtubing provides new opportunities for streaming media. You can maintain anonymity by selling vtuber and related products, commercialize streaming entertainment, expand your business, and launch the business.

VTubing is changing the media

Last year Hololive added the first-generation English-language streaming virtual avatar to its existing cast of Japanese and Asian actors, and VTubing has experienced explosive growth.

Among Hololive's more than 50 members, virtual avatars from other organizations, and thousands of independent anchors, VTubing has become a trend that can provide valuable services to almost anyone.

In Hololive's virtual avatar, there is a happy dog, a naughty cat, a lascivious pirate (her words, not mine), a dragon girl meme lord, an artistic octopus, and so on. This trend has become so fast that YouTube even mentioned VTubing in its 2020 summary, and VTubers now occupy the ranks of the highest revenue for super chats. Now, for better or worse, famous anchors like Pokimane and CodeMiko are trying VTubing.


Pokimane has always said that "perseverance" is the key to becoming a successful anchor. Although she has been on the top of the world for some time now, she has always kept this in mind.


Even though she was told time and time again that her streaming career would not happen and she would eventually return to school, she overcame the difficulty and let it work, which brought her to where she is today and successfully attracted her on Twitch 8 million fans.

Pokimane was ecstatic during the live broadcast and immediately thanked the audience for their support.
"Thank you! I don't even know what to say. I thank you very much," she said. She continued to describe the platform as her "home" and said she was "happy" "still here" and "leaved her mark".
But when she thinks about the "overwhelming and shocking" milestone, all she sees is "so many memories and so many games."
Its personalized image has won the recognition of the public, so it has become a well-known VTubing.


Virtual anchors are becoming more and more popular on Twitch. One of them is CodeMiko, who at the end of 2020 finds that her popularity is steadily increasing. But who (or what) is CodeMiko?


The VTuber community has grown steadily on Twitch, and creators like CodeMiko even added the fun of her own animated 3D models during the live broadcast. Currently, the number of fans on Twitch exceeds 700,000.

Behind the colorful models of CodeMiko is the creator who is called a "technician" in the live broadcast. He often appears at the end of Miko's live broadcast and talks with the community as streaming media usually do.

In November last year, the anchor became popular on Twitter after revealing the side-by-side editing of the motion capture process, making people marvel at her technical settings and her ability to transform her movements into 3D models.

Key to success

Regardless of whether it is Pokimane or CodeMiko, besides their own luck and perseverance, the key to success is that there is another key tool that can assist them in live broadcasting. That is the virtual live broadcast tool. Take VTuber Maker as an example:

 VTuber Maker
VTuber Maker

Through the virtual image inside VTuber software, with the help of motion capture technology, real-time expressions and actions of the real person behind are conveyed to the virtual avatar, so that they can replace the anchor to interact with fans, which is also an important force in the development of the VTubing industry.

Final thoughts

Although VTubing may seem embarrassing or even daunting to an unfamiliar audience, it is also a product of our time and technology. It combines the accessibility of people's favorite live broadcasts with additional protections to help respect the privacy of content creators. With this responsive and animated avatar, VTubing will only become bigger.